Sonam angry with Ranbir for comparing her fashion with Katrina's
Sonam angry with Ranbir for comparing her fashion with Katrina's

The Saawariya co-stars and ex-lovers have amicably broken up long back and since then have been on good terms because of which Sonam Kapoor agreed to work along side Ranbir Kapoor in the upcoming Dutt biopic. However, Sonam didn’t like Ranbir’s comment were he compared Sonam’s fashion sense with that of Katrina’s.

At a promotional event Ranbir said, “Katrina is way ahead of people when it comes to fashion especially in India. She finds certain brands that nobody knows and she wears it 3 months before people get to know about it. That’s why maybe people don’t consider Katrina like people consider Sonam Kapoor. I do believe there is some fashion icon somewhere inside her but she is very shy about it”.

While Sonam and Katrina do share a good friendship as seen when they came together for L’Oreal Paris event in 2015, Sonam didn’t like the comment. Source close to the ‘Neerja’ actress says, “Though Sonam finds Katrina quite stylish, she feels Ranbir even trying to compare her and Katrina, is very silly and random. Sonam feels that she and Katrina are at completely different levels and that she has more knowledge in the fashion field than Katrina ever had.”

The source also reveals Sonam feels that Ranbir said it for publicity. “Sonam also believes that when Ranbir and she start promoting their Sanjay Dutt biopic together, Ranbir will change his tunes accordingly.”

What do you say readers? Do you agree with Ranbir’s comment?



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