Snowpiercer Season 3: Release Date, Streaming on Netflix & HBO Max
Snowpiercer Season 3 on TNT

The third season of ‘Snowpiercer’ has finished airing on TNT. Based on the French graphic novel Le Transperceneige and the 2013 movie of the same name, Snowpiercer has been a massive hit for TNT and Netflix since its debut in 2020.

Sam Linsky and Adrienne O’Riain, co-heads of scripted original programming for TBS, TNT, and truTV said, “Snowpiercer has been an exceptionally successful series for us that continues to capture the imagination of viewers, build an audience, and sustain great ratings.”

Even before the third season premiere, Snowpiercer was renewed for a fourth season. This pretty much tells about how confident the creators are. After two successful seasons, the series returned for its third season on Jan 24, 2022. Here’s what we know about Snowpiercer Season 3.

Snowpiercer Season 3 Release Schedule on TNT and Netflix

The two previous seasons have had 10 episodes each. Season 1 aired between May 17, 2020, and July 12, 2020. The second season aired between January 25, 2021, and March 29, 2021. The series has followed a weekly release schedule on TNT and Netflix. It will follow the same pattern this season as well.

Snowpiercer Season 3 premiered on TNT (in the United States) on Monday, Jan 24, 2022, at 9 p.m. Eastern Time. It debuted on Netflix internationally on January 25, 2022, at 8:00 am GMT. The new episodes stream on HBO Max (in the United States) and TNTdrama immediately after airing on TNT.

After the premiere, the show followed a weekly schedule. A new episode is aired every Monday at the same time. The season finale aired on March 28, 2022, for TNT and on March 29, 2022, for Netflix (outside the US).

Here’s the release schedule of Snowpiercer Season 3:

Episode Title Release
Episode 1 (“The Tortoise and the Hare”) 24-Jan-22
Episode 2 (“The Last to Go”) 31-Jan-22
Episode 3 (“The First Blow”) 07-Feb-22
Episode 4 (“Bound by One Track”) 14-Feb-22
Episode 5 (“A New Life) 21-Feb-22
Episode 6 (“Born to Bleed”) 28-Feb-22
Episode 7 (“Ouroboros”) 7-Mar-22
Episode 8 (“Setting Itself Right”) 14-Mar-22
Episode 9 (“A Beacon For Us All”) 21-Mar-22
Episode 10 (“The Original Sinners”) 28-Mar-22

Where To Watch Snowpiercer Season 3?

In the United States, new episodes air weekly on TNT and HBO Max. Netflix doesn’t have the right to stream Snowpiercer in the United States. The streaming giant has international streaming rights.

The first three seasons are available to stream on HBO Max (In Unites States) and Netflix (outside the United States).

Will Snowpiercer be on Netflix US?

As per, Snowpiercer will not available on Netflix in the United States. The show is exclusively streaming on TNT and HBO Max in the states. The first two seasons are available on HBO Max in the states. The second season is also available to stream on Netizens outside the US can stream the first two seasons of Snowpiercer on Netflix.