Sushant and Parineeti kissing in Shuddh Desi Romance movie
Sushant and Parineeti kissing in Shuddh Desi Romance movie
The amazing and unusual title says it all. I wonder while making Shuddh Desi Romance which was written first, the words or the placement of legion kisses ? I guess after having a bizarre end in their mind , the team must have sprinkled those kisses liberally and then a writer must have been hired to write appropriate scenes befitting some extremely well written funny lines , then a few good songs like Gulabi, Tere Mere Beech Me must have been recorded to accompany the scenes, quite decent to coincide with the somber passages, and scenes of “romance” to synchronize with the lovvy dovvy sections. Finally they must have garnished this potpourri with a title composed of from three Hinglish words, selected because they are eye-catching and provocative.
Jaideep Sahni is a winner yet again! After showing his prowess in Chak De India, he never lets the viewers feel ditched in his department of writing in any of the scenes.
The captain of this “PURELY DESI AT HEART” contemporary flick ..oh yeah .. Band Baaja Baraat fame Maneesh Sharma has actually done at least a thought-provoking job , if not his best!! The movie gives ample fodder for young brigade to contemplate well enough before going to that auspicious altar, whether they are doing it because they really want to do so or just because it’s the society that’s ruling their mind, and this is aptly conveyed in the some of the lines of the title track too…”JHOOTHE SAMAJO ME, JHOOTHE RIWAZO ME, LIYE HI JAAYE KOI CHANCE”.
Also a special mention to the cinematographer who must have actually toiled too hard in portraying the knitty gritty of PINK CITY on celluloid. Jaipur and Jodhpur are just carved out on the screen quite well and the overall aura is quite pitch perfect!!
The lead actors are extremely commendable with Parineeti Chopra(Gayatri) shining like a diamond in each and every frame.The moment the lady appears on-screen, you have no options but to surrender yourself to the charm, charisma and chutzpah of this curvaceous and extremely talented lady!! Sushant Singh Rajput is a good find for Indian Cinema and plays a very confident Raghu. His child like notorious acts are quite compelling. The debutant Vaani Kapoor has to learn more , yet she seems quite effortless in her first outing. Special mention to the scene where she was sitting with Raghu on the top of a cliff divulging her plans. She was quite natural there. Rishi Kapoor is a veteran and handles the scenes with an ease.
With an exceedingly interesting first half, picturesque JAIPUR locations,crackling chemistry between Parineeti and Sushant, some damn funny lines, but repetitive post interval, okayish debutant Vaani, and a bit overstretched “loo” funda in the last 15 minutes, this one still is a good way to spend your weekend with your friends and but obviously with your partners!!
Go watch it! 3/5.  Oh yeah!! Now I do understand why nowadays “LIVE IN SO IN” .(pun intended)
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