Shahrukh Khan to recreate breaking bad as a Bollywood Film
With Breaking Bad to turn into a Bollywood Masala Flick, SRK has again turned eyes towards his next in anticipation

Shahrukh Khan to recreate Breaking bad’s magic in Bollywood: Will it be a successful project?

With the news of Breaking Bad turning into a Bollywood Flick, Breaking Bad fans were left in a state of shock. Yes, because imaging Shahrukh Khan as Walt is turning out to be an impossible task for them. Shahrukh Khan has been quite impressed with Breaking Bad and wanted to bring it in front of the Indian audience. But with Drug, substantial Mafia element, transforming Breaking Bad into a TV series is a daunting challenge.

The Indian TV audience might not give acceptance to Breaking Bad due to the genre of the tv series, but King Khan said he would definitely try to put it as a Bollywood flick in front of the Indian audience.

In a statement given to Indian express Shah Rukh Khan went on to say “I want to make it into a movie. As a series, it is too evolved to come on Indian television. The Indian audience won’t be accepting of meth, drugs and the mafia. But the story of a man who is going to die and takes a chance to save his family is a good premise for a feature film.”

Imagining Bollywood dances, songs, and desi masala are just too much for us at this point of time. But, I would still trust SRK with the decision, hoping he gives us something very interesting.

what are your views on this?