Shahrukh Khan Is The World's Biggest Movie Star
Shahrukh Khan Is The World's Biggest Movie Star

Renowned American Magazine Forbes has declared Shahrukh Khan as the World’s Biggest Movie Star.

Forbes, renowned and a leading American magazine quotes Shahrukh Khan as “The Biggest Movie Star In The World”. If not the words or the reputed magazine you can succumb to, then numbers speaks it all. As reported by the magazine, “India’s film industry turns out more films annually than both the U.S and China. In 2012, Bollywood sold 2.6 billion cinema seats, compared to Hollywood’s 1.36 billion tickets”

Indian movie industry as we call it The Bollywood is at large since encapsulated entertainment as its only pillar. Bollywood has grown massively since it was founded yet never aged. The industry has uplifted the culture, the art, drama, themes and even more than that the hint of that Indian masala(entertainment) which connects thoroughly.

What makes any organisation work and succeed? Well, every single entity or individual who lives for that organisation is directly responsible for the success of failure. Such is the truth for Bollywood as an organisation as well. And the face of this industry are the actors, who effortlessly works, putting in their hard work to entertain the world, to rule the hearts of the viewers for what they are and what they do is how we connect.

Shahrukh Khan is one in million faces who with his efforts, hard work, the apt to deliver the best in him has led him to rule the Bollywood and is recognised as King Khan. Shahrukh Khan, well a name which explain in itself everything initially started his career in Indian TV serials as a shabby individual ready to make a mark and yes indeed he has made his presence inevitable that we see this dapper as the World’s Biggest movie star.

Shahrukh Khan has worked in more than 70 films, the latest one being Dilwale, which has turned out to be a hit worldwide re-living the most admired sync of Shahrukh and Kajol. Shahrukh is one of the few actors in Bollywood who has always made his fans sweep off their feet not just in India but across the globe. Shahrukh owns his production house buy the name of Red Chillies Entertainments Pvt Ltd, children’s entertainment company KidZania, the IPL cricket team Kolkata Knight Riders and a number of brand endorsements worldwide. As reported in 2014, Shahrukh was earning even more than Tom Cruise, all this has led this ravishing star making his mark globally which certainly makes him the World’s Biggest movies star.