Shahid Movie Review
Shahid Movie Review

“Paint me Black ‘coz i sinned
Paint yourself Blacker ‘coz u sinned more”

Shahid is a difficult character to portray on-screen because you don’t get medals as achievements instead you get bullets. The controversial character of Shahid is based on Lawyer Shahid Azmi who was fighting the case of an accused in 26/11 terror attacks. Azmi was gunned down in his office in 2010 while the accused was acquitted last year.

The Movie opens up many thought-provoking questions, like why do we judge even before a lot is yet to be heard and listened ?

Hansal Mehta does not paints the picture either positive or negative. He illustrates beautifully how turn of events lets Shahid join a terrorist base; and how realisation of mindful senses work around and gets him thrown in Tihar Jail, the journey that picks him from tortures of Indian Jail to being acquitted of charges and Shahids’ becoming a lawyer.

He has found his mission, Over the next few years Shahid fought for those whom he believed were the scapegoat of terrorism charges.

Rajkumar Yadav has done his job well as Shahid and it is evident in some very impactful scenes, Like the one in courtroom which leaves a question why any non-muslim not a suspect ?

Hansal Mehta has not answered any of the questions, instead he lets us have a thought about it and find a solace that Shahid Azmi is at least recognised by him. Why do we judge remains a feeling in my mind even hours after I left the big screen.

Hansal’s detailing in every scene makes Shahid the way it would have been, a common indian home depicted very well. You will take home a lot of strong scenes but still you would never be forced by Hansal to be biased towards an answer and this is what makes Shahid as a movie beautiful.

Watch Shahid to look around and think over what happens in our neighbourhood.

Blogtobollywood would rate Shahid as 4 on a scale of 5.



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