Shahrukh Khan turns 51! Proofs of SRK frenzy on social media
Shahrukh Khan turns 51! Proofs of SRK frenzy on social media

Shahrukh Khan – No introduction needed. He is called ‘King Khan’ and he is the inspiration to millions around the world. Girls dream of getting proposed in an ‘SRK style’ and boys copy him. In short, he is WORSHIPED. It isn’t a joke that an ordinary kid from ‘Hansraj College’ in Delhi, who came to Mumbai to achieve his dream of becoming an actor used to sleep on benches or at railway stations, or use to stand in front of ‘Mannat’ and promise to himself that he will own it someday – has actually achieved way more than he just dreamed of. He is flooded with love, applause and craze every second, every minute, every day. Need proof? We give you detailed proofs of the SRK frenzy on social media :

1.) Check out what a legend like Amitabh Bachchan and other famous faces say about Shah Rukh Khan on Twitter:


2.) Happy Birthday SRK trending on Twitter at no.1 spot with an average of 5 tweets in 1 second:


3.) Try asking Google “Who is the world’s biggest star”. Go on, try it!



4.) Shahrukh Khan has been declared more popular and richer than Hollywood star Tom Cruise:


5.) Remember when Obama came to India and he used SRK’s DDLJ dialogue ?

6.) When Hugh Jackman said Shahrukh Khan is God:

7.) When Shakira tweeted that she has always been SRK’s fan!


8.) What about the time when Lady Gaga tweeted about SRK too?


9.) When the Shahrukh Khan-Zayn Malik selfie broke the Highest Retweets on Twitter record:


10.) What the biggest Hollywood stars have to say about Shahrukh Khan in their interviews:

Pitbull at the IPL opening ceremony in 2013:

“I got to learn a few Bollywood footsteps, thanks to Shahrukh. He is an amazing performer, full of energy. There is nothing as of now, but I would definitely love to work with him in the future.”

Daniel Radcliffe:

“I am a big fan of Shahrukh Khan.I would like to work in a Bollywood movie with him.He is definitely an epitome of style and class!”

‘Titanic’ director James Cameron:

“Shahrukh Khan is a Giant movie star.I’m more than happy to sign a poster for him, if he’ll sign a poster(of My Name is Khan) for me!”

Heather Graham spoke out when rumors were doing rounds she will make an appearance in ‘Dhoom 3’:

“Sorry. I’m not interested to work for Dhoom 3. If i am doing a Bollywood debut that must be only with Shahrukh Khan.Being his heroine is my dream!”

Penelope Cruz:

“I like Indian films.I am a big fan of Shahrukh Khan.I want to work with him!”

Kristen Stewart:

“I am a huge fan of Shahrukh Khan.He is truly an inspiration to me.He is a charmer.He is the epitome of romance.If given a chance, he would be the one with whom i would love to do the second part of my movie Breaking Dawn.”

Leonardo Di Capri thinks working with SRK will make Leo more popular:

“I am so happy to get a new project with Shahrukh Khan.Starring in a movie with him will make me more popular than i am now!”

Robert Pattinson reveals he loves Srk and DDLJ is his fav:

“I like Shahrukh Khan and DDLJ is the only bollywood movie among my top favourite movies!”

11.) Last but not the least…. a small glimpse of how fans accumulate to see their idol SRK:


Girl gets tattooed SRK ; A statue made in an SRK signature style; A fan of SRK has filled his shop with posters of SRK
Girl gets tattooed SRK ; A statue made in an SRK signature style; A fan of SRK has filled his shop with posters of SRK

Happy Birthday Shahrukh Khan! You are an inspiration and a living legend! You are the live example of “Never give up on your dreams”!


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