Shah Rukh Khan thinks Dilwale is affected by his 'Intolerance Comments'
Rohit Shetty and Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan has been receiving a lot of criticism these days, especially after his latest release ‘Dilwale’.

People are criticizing Shah Rukh Khan for acting in ‘mindless entertainers’ for the past two years including Happy New Year and Dilwale. Everyone is missing the old Shah Rukh who gave us gems like My Name is Khan, Chak De India and Swades.

When the superstar was asked about this he said Dilwale is not about reinventing cinema. The film is meant to entertain the audience and it never pretended to be something else. He said, “Dilwale is an unabashedly popular commercial film. It’s not pretending to be something else. It’s meant to be watched by everyone; it has romance, comedy, drama. I don’t even think having Kajol and Shah Rukh Khan is a novelty factor as it’s just that we are doing a film together after a long time.”

He further added, “Within that scape, if you’re looking for something, then Rohit Shetty has not had much of a love based storyline or relationship aspect in his films as he is more known for action and comedy.That will be novelty for Rohit. But if you ask me generically, no Dilwale is not reinventing cinema. It’s a fun commercial movie.”

He regrets that the box office collection of ‘Dilwale’ was adversely affected due to protests against his comments on intolerance in the country. But he maintained that he had not said anything which required an apology. he thinks his comments on the intolerance issue were not represented properly. He said, “I apologise if somebody got disturbed, please go out and enjoy the film because it’s not me, there are thousands who have made it with a lot of love.”

He was also quick to tell about his upcoming movies Fan and Raees, “If you’re looking for novelty, then you should watch out for ‘Fan’. It’s a different kind of film, supposed to be a niche. It’s not meant to be a blockbuster releasing ahead of Christmas.”

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