Shah Rukh Khan paid his tribute to the 26/11 Martyrs at Manma Emotion song launch

At the launch of Dilwale‘s second song Manma Emotion, Shah Rukh Khan paid his tribute to the Martyrs of 26/11.

He asked everyone to rise and observe a minute of silence in the memories of the people who lost their lives to horrendous acts of the terrorists. He went on to say, “It’s a sad day for us because very cruel attacks happened seven years back. We take one minute silence for those who lost their lives. Hope we can always fight treacherous acts.”

SRK at Dilwale song trailer launchSRK and Rohit ShettyShah Rukh Khan also said, “Hope we can fight these kinds of treachery and these kinds of acts with the bravery and with the resilience we have done for years and give punishment to all the people who do these kinds of acts.”

Varun Dhawan also spoke about the inhumane acts of the terrorists and he choked up when Shah Rukh talked about the incident. He even requested the media to make this the headline when writing about Manma Emotion.