Shah Rukh Khan on Chaiwala Arshad Khan
Shah Rukh Khan on Chaiwala Arshad Khan

The blue eyed internet sensation, Pakistani Chaiwala Arshad Khan got overnight fame after his picture was posted on instagram. All the girls just couldn’t resist but appreciate how good looking this simple lad is. His pictures went viral on the internet and he has now become a celebrity. So much so that he even ended up getting a modelling contract in Pakistan.

In an interview of Arshad Khan, he is seen preparing the chai in his stall. The reporter asked him whether he is aware of the fact that he has become so famous. The chaiwala replied that all his friends have told him about it. When asked which actor he thinks he resembles the most, Arshad took the name of Shah Rukh Khan!

But it does not stop there. The icing on the cake is when Shah Rukh Khan himself replies to this. A tweet was posted by Sakshi Khurana which contains a video of the chaiwala’s interview and also said that Arshad loves Shahrukh Khan. Today Shahrukh retweeted that tweet and quoted it with these beautiful words:

King Khan, you already rule our hearts and this simply adds to it!



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