Security for Shahrukh and Aamir
Sharukh Khan and Aamir Khan

Security for Shahrukh and Aamir has been cut short is quite “untrue”.

Since the wave of discussion over intolerance embarked the nation it didn’t turn out to be a good time for the top notch Khans. Shahrukh Khan has been in the circle of fire since 2013 while Mr. Perfectionist Khan felt the jolt when he recently presented his views on intolerance. So, there was an imminent threat to the superstars and some prolonged for which the security was pumped up. A recent report on, as the time has passed by the analysis shows that there is no immediate threat to the stars hence security for Shahrukh and Aamir has been reduced seems falsified.

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The latest news came this morning when the Mumbai Police tweeted on the security roll stating that the there has been no compromise on the security of any of the actors including Shahrukh and Aamir. While the earlier reports suggested degradation in security line as below:

As reported, an IPS official confirmed that the security for 25 celebrities has been cut short as it seems ‘unwanted‘ including SRK and Aamir Khan. Earlier, there were about 40 celebs who were provided round the clock security because of various threats the stars were succumbed to.

“We were providing security to around 40 Bollywood celebrities. But now we have trimmed the list and have brought it down to around 15 personalities against whom there are genuine threat perception”

Post the release of Aamir’s movie “PK” the actor also received extortion calls from gangster Abu Salem. Aamir’s recent comments over the issue of intolerance and the point of view of his wife Kiran Rao that she doesn’t feel safe in the country has sparked the fuel of hatred against this superstar amongst various cults. There were even reports of BJP workers protesting outside his residence.

Shahrukh, on the other hand, has been getting threats after his film “My Name is Khan” was screened and since then has been encircled with round the clock security. Both the Khans would be removed from the shelf of high security and will just be escorted by two armed constables in two shifts.

Image Courtesy: Twitter

The official reports and the statement from Mumbai Police have clearly mentions that no compromise on security component for the stars. Security has been the prodigal brother of Bollywood since the very beginning and with all those threats and menace for the celebrities, it has become the need of the hour to secure these actors who indeed are nation asset.

Shoot your comments, do the Khans or other stars require hefty security?


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