Sultan 35th Day Collection: Become 3rd Movie To Hit The 300 Crores Mark
Salman Khan Sultan

Sultan of Bollywood Salman Khan talks about his ‘rape comment’ and other things.

Salman Khan made the streets of Tinsel Town go crazy with his rather controversial ‘felt like a raped woman’ comment. Everyone has been talking about his comment, few of our Bollywood celebrities like Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan and Priyanka Chopra even reacted to it. But Salman has been mum about it. Finally, during a press meet in Panvel, Salman Khan talks about his ‘rape comment’. The meet was held for Sultan’s super success at the box office. Here are the five blasting statements made by Salman Khan at the meet-

~About his ‘rape comment’-
“Should I give something for you to survive a week or two more? Or should I keep quiet? If I don’t say anything I am fine. If I give you something and you survive for one week or more, you will like it, but people around me won’t like it. I understand your responsibilities towards your newspapers, channels, and news portals. So now you decide should I give you something or not.”

~About how Aamir Khan feels Salman is a bigger star-
“I can say Aamir never lies.”

~About Ranveer Singh dancing to 440 Volt song while Sultan’s screening at Champ Elysees in Paris-
“I wanted to break a chair on his head. Watch the film, don’t do stunts. They are not watching Sultan; he is making people watch him there. We should charge money from him.”

~About a sequel of Sultan-
“Yeh waala hi badi mushkil se bna hai ( This film only was made with so much of difficulty).”

~About his weight gain-
“I haven’t been able to lose the weight I have gained till now. Earlier, it was difficult to gain weight, now it is difficult to lose weight.”

He really is a man who says things his own way!

Last Updated on July 16, 2016 by Kritika Murari