Salman Khan splits Pulkit and Yami for Sister's love
Did Salman Khan end the affair between Pulkit Samrat & Yami Gautam?

Pulkit Samrat’s affair with Yami Gautam has come to a sudden end and Salman Khan is said to be the reason behind it!

Salman Khan could not bear to see his rakhi sister Shweta Rohira in such a state. Rumour has it that he is the reason why the affair between Pulkit and Yami has now ended. Salman’s first step towards fixing the broken marriage was inviting Pulkit for his 50th Birthday Bash.

According to some guests present at the bash, Salman treated Pulkit very well that night. Salman very well dropped hints on the issue even though he spoke very little on the issue. He also invited Shweta but she was not there at the party because she had to be in Delhi to celebrate her grandfather’s birthday. Grapevine gossips over this were avoided as Shweta has informed Salman about this beforehand.

Pulkit Samrat enlightened by Salman’s secret pep talk is determined to give his marriage a second chance, However glitches are from Shweta’s side on this as published on SpotboyE, the same sources said that “She would rather have a chat with Pulkit first and then take a call.”

Let’s see if Shweta will be a bigger heart and forgive Pulkit or not.