Must Read: Salman Khan On Hit And Run Case, His Past And Why Critics Don't Matter
Salman Khan

You can love him or hate him but you just can’t ignore him. Salman Khan is the biggest entertainer in India. There is no one like him when it comes to the loyal fan following. He is one of the most successful Bollywood actors when it comes to stardom and box office rankings. Despite huge success at the box office in last 10 years, Salman Khan films have always been under critics scanner.

In a recent interview with Huffington Post India, Salman Khan opens up about some personal aspects of his life like never before. Here are few excerpts from the interview:

On His hit and run case
For 20 years. 20 years is a long time, man. It’s a lot of years. It takes a toll on you and your family. The financial toll on our family because of the cases has been huge. When I was a nobody I had nothing. When I become somebody, I got the magistrate court. When I become slightly bigger, I got the High Court, then. And now when I am in this position, I have the Supreme Court.

Salman Khan on his past and critics review

On people thinking that he got away with the court cases easily
The High Court looked into it and they came up with a verdict which says that nothing of that sort ever happened. Ye sab galat hi hai. The courts said it. But what about the 20 years? What about it? Mere toh wo gaye na? And there’s nothing to compensate for that. Nothing at all. And during all this, when I am seen doing a comedy show, or romancing beautiful women, or just laughing, they go like, “Look at this brat. He doesn’t care. He is indifferent to what happened.” And I am like, dude. It’s my bloody job. I have to do it no matter what. I have to do it to sustain myself and pay my lawyers. If I don’t do it, where is the money going to come from.?

On his movies being thrashed by critics
I genuinely, honestly don’t care. I believe that they’ve no right to take anybody’s hard work down. The fans will decide that, in any case. The box-office will prove it one way or the other. What have you done to earn the right to rip a film apart? On Day 1 of the release, you write some rubbish crap. It destroys films and a lot of hard work that went behind making it. With me, of course, it doesn’t make any difference. And I think they know it all too well. My films are critic-proof. I am telling them now: go give my film minus 100 stars, why just zero. My fans will anyway watch my film and that’s my reward.

This is what Salman Khan is all about. The man has been honest with his approach and people love him for that. The actor is all geared up for hs next release Tubelight. Tubelight stars Sohail Khan, Mohd. Zeeshan Ayub, Om Puri and Chinese actress Zhu Zhu. Directed by Kabir Khan and produced by Salman Khan Films, the movie will hit the theatres on 23 June 2017.

Source: Huff Post