Salman Khan hit-and-run case latest update |Bombay High Court says Salman Khan can't be convicted!
Salman Khan takes a big sigh of relief!

Salman Khan Hit-and-Run Case Update: Bombay High Court says Salman Khan can’t be convicted on the basis of evidence produced!

The court said, “On basis of evidences produced by the prosecution, the appellant cannot be convicted, no matter how differently the common man thinks.”

On Wednesday, Justice A. R. Joshi said there was not enough proof that Salman himself was driving the car and was drunk at the time of accident. He also questioned the reliability of Salman’s former bodyguard Ravindra Patil‘s statement. The court also said that singer Kamaal Khan, who was also present in Salman’s car that night, should have been examined. Salman‘s lawyers have argued that it was not Salman who was driving the car but his driver Ashok Singh.

Salman Khan has been asked to be present when the court announces its decision on his appeal against a lower court order finding him guilty and giving him a five-year sentence. We are closely watching the verdict and will keep you updated.

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