Salman Khan Hit-and-Run Case | Dictation of order to be continued today
Salman khan is struck in hit and run case

The Bombay High Court has not yet given out a final decision in Salman Khan Hit-and-Run Case.

The Judge started reading the verdict on Monday and is expected to complete it by today. On Tuesday, the court questioned the quality of evidence brought by the prosecution against the actor and certain other aspects of the case. It questioned the manner in which the blood samples of Salman Khan were collected and analysed, saying that “requisite and necessary care was not taken while taking the blood sample”. The alcohol test to determine whether the actor was driving under the influence of alcohol or not was also questioned.

The court’s decision will most likely depend on Salman’s bodyguard Ravindra Patil‘s statement and whether it was an accident or a case of irresponsible driving that led to the death of one person.

Let’s see if the court finishes dictating its order by today or not. Stay tuned for more updates on the case!