Salman Khan Gets Candid at Bigg Boss 9 Launch Night.
Salman Khan at Bigg Boss 9 launch

Bigg Boss 9 launch night was so much fun and why shouldn’t it be. When you have bhaijaan in full form, things got funny and crazy.

Salman Khan was interacting with media at the Bigg Boss 9 launch and it turns out to be a total fun. For every question, Salman has an answer and that too straight from his heart. Here are the few questions from the event which got us excited.

When asked about his life, Salman has the most honest answer we ever had from anyone.

[quote]I do not think there has been anyone who has troubled me. If anybody is responsible for my troubles it is — my luck, destiny and me. It is my journey.[/quote]

The last question of the night was a true magic when a lady reporter asked Salman

Will the Jazbaa team come on Bigg Boss 9 to promote their film? (You know what I mean)

Salman laughed out loud and said:

[quote]Inko pataa thha ki yeh last sawaal hai. Taaliyan madam ke liye… kya jazbaati sawaal laayin hai aap.. Waah![/quote]

Now this is some true fun. I really don’t know why media isn’t getting over this Salman-Aishwarya chapter. Guys, it has already been 15 years. They have moved on in their life and you should also.

Well, talking about Bigg Boss 9, Salman will be hosting the show for the sixth season in a row. He has been an entertainer for all these year and we can’t imagine Bigg Boss without him now.

Bigg Boss 9 will be aired on Colors from 11th Oct. So, get ready for Double Trouble.


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