Salman Khan Finally Opens Up About Marriage, Kids and Katrina Kaif!
Salman Khan

Salman Khan finally speaks up on Marriage, Kids and Katrina Kaif in a recent Interview.

The Dabangg Khan of Bollywood, Salman Khan finally opens up about marriage, Kids and Katrina kaif like never before. He expressed that he is skeptical about getting married but want to have three-four kids. The actor recently interacted with students of Manoharbhai Patel Institute of Engineering College, Gondia and was asked many questions related to his marriage and Katrina Kaif.

When asked that whatever Katrina Kaif is today is because of Salman Khan, he replied, “Did Katrina say that? This is her ‘badapan’, but she is telling a lie. Whatever she is she is because of Katrina Kaif itself. Katrina is very hard working …in my whole life I have not seen such a hard working girl ever… she is India’s big star for you all, but according to me she is ‘hamaal’ (coolie), ek majdoor hai …that many efforts she actually takes…you people should learn from her.”

To which the reporter asked, but she thanks you? Salman Khan gave a smart reply for that question,”Because how to do hard efforts is what she learned from me (laughs)

Moreover, without leaving an opportunity, the reporters asked about Ranbir and Katrina’s Break up and their holiday pictures which went viral, “Photos with other on the beach and thank you to you?”

To which Being Human star accidently revealed that they have broken up with a reply,“I think that is very old talk …I think the sides have changed as that’s what I think …this is what I have heard from outside.”

Apart from that, Bajrangi Bhaijaan star was asked about his marriage plans and without dodging the question the actor said, “Do you see the sweat on my forehead? You won’t find it on anyone else’s forehead because the weather is good here. When it comes to marriage, I am doubtful. But I want to have three or four kids. Now I know without marriage kids are difficult to get but I will manage it. Pehle umar nahi tha shaadi ka aur ab umar paas ho chuka hai and I am happy.”

Salman Khan is currently working on this upcoming movie ‘Sultan‘ which is scheduled to release on this Eid. Sultan will clash with Raees which stars  Shahrukh Khan.

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