Ranveer Singh tries to Lure Salman Khan fans into watching Bajirao Mastani!
Ranveer Singh and Salman Khan

Ranveer Singh is under enormous pressure as he has replaced none other than Salman Khan in Bajirao Mastani

Sometimes we do funny things under pressure and this is what happened with Ranveer Singh. A leading daily during a conversation with Ranveer Singh tried to ask the most dreaded question about how it feels to replace Salman Khan in a movie and what is his say on this.

Well, Ranveer Singh is a smart kid on the block and knows how to handle it. He could have murmured anything that would spark controversy, but he acted smart and told that he has tremendous respect for Salman khan. Moreover, he is also expecting a pat on his back from the superstar once Salman watches the flick.

That is just smartness from Ranveer Singh. He came out humble in opinion for Salman Khan and also showed confidence in his efforts. Well, this would offload some pressure he has been feeling as there was some murmur among the superstar Bhaijaan fans’. Bhai fans were in a Delima on whether they should watch Bajirao Mastani, as Ranveer just replaced their God, or not.

Well Ranveer, you just won the hearts of many Salman Khan fans. Best of luck for your biggest clash ever!