Ranveer Singh was very popular and a bully in school!
Ranveer Singh as a chief guest in his Alma mater

Ranveer Singh is the eye-candy of Bollywood and you might be surprised to know that he had been an eye-candy since his schooling days!

Ranveer Singh made all these confessions when he was present as the Chief Guest at the Annual Day of his Alma mater Learner’s Academy. He wore a shirt that he claimed was from his own farewell day (though it’s hard to believe how it still fits him).

Ranveer Singh has a huge fan-following today and he also had the same during his school days! Being the chief guest, he was asked all kinds of questions related to his school days and he was more than happy reminiscing all those happy memories. When asked he was popular among girls then, he smiled and said-

“Yes, I was. I was always the performer. I was always in the popular bunch. I used to be a bully and very mischievous. I was very naughty too.”

Well we have no doubt he was famous among the girls, his antics have made him popular in Bollywood and must have made him quite popular among the females even in his school days.

Ranveer stayed behind after the performance to distribute prizes. He met with all his old teachers and other staff members including the housekeeping members. Touching the feet of the elders, Ranveer Singh took their blessings and clicked countless selfies with teachers and students.