Rangbaaz Phirse Review: The nail-biting thriller is back with gut-wrenching action
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Star Cast: Jimmy Sheirgill, Gul Panag, Sharad Kelkar, Harsh Chhaya, Sushant Singh, Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub
Director: Sachin Pathak
Available on:  Zee 5
Rating: 3.5 stars

Rangbaaz Phirse review: Set in Rajasthan, ‘Rangbaaz Phirse’, the successor of ‘Rangbaaz’ is a well-made action-thriller loosely based on the life of notorious gangster Anand Pal Singh. The star Jimmy Sheirgill channels his inner devil to add life to the character of the mafia.

Rangbaaz Phirse Review: Packed with powerful performances
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Zee5’s premium subscription offers a flurry of romantic, comedic and action thriller web series that are fairly well-made. Out of the bouquet, 2018 action-thriller ‘Rangbaaz’ managed to capture many eyeballs. Owing to the status, the makers recently surprised the viewers with ‘Rangbaaz Phirse’ – the mind-boggling story of Rajasthan’s mischievous gangster Anand Pal Singh. As per news reports, Anand Pal Singh was allegedly killed in a staged police encounter. A quick read up about Anand Pal and you’ll know the mafia had quite the fan following. The people of Rajasthan didn’t necessarily hate him for his gruesome acts, a certain section even rooted for the criminal.

Rangbaaz Phirse Review: An absorbing thriller
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Coming to Rangbaaz Phirse, the 6-hour-web-series revolves around the story of Amarpal Singh (Jimmy Sheirgill who plays Anand Pal Singh) a bright, young Rajput boy who’s preparing for the UPSC exam. The guy who dreams of joining the bureaucratic services one day finds himself in a political showdown which ultimately turns him into a feared goon from Rajasthan. Jayaram Godara, a jatt played by Sushant Singh, is best Anandpal’s friend.

Another important character Anupriya Singh, played by flat-face Gul Panag, joins forces with the boys to bring down the established empire of liquor mafia Raja Phogat, played by Sharad Kelkar. The group picks up fights with one clan after the other as the police, political powers and mafias stand on the sides watching bodies pile up against each other. Just like every cop-thief drama, the story brings in Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub as Sanjay Singh Meena, the stern IPS Officer who’d go to any lengths to restore peace in the state. Amarpal’s wife, Spruha Joshi barely gets any screen-time, so it’s hard to comment on her presence being felt in the show or not.

Director Sachin Pathak plays every trick in the book to make sure that the evils of caste supremacy, political rivalry, betrayal and religion-biases come through on screen. He, very evidently, shows the plight of Rajasthan during the terrifying days of Amarpa’s terror. Jimmy Sheirgill dives deep into the skin of the character and Sushant Singh brings his A-game. Gul Panag and Spruha Joshi are mainly there to add a little bit of romance and spice in the otherwise hard-hitting thriller plot. Zeeshan keeps you on your toes as he keeps his true inclination hidden till the very last minute. Harsh Chhaya also makes you sit up and take notice by the end of the show. The characters are well-written and enacted by all the cast members that seem to chosen very carefully.

Each episode runs for about 30 minutes, involving 2-gun fights, a plethora of sketchy dialogues and an engaging narrative that makes you want to binge-watch the entire season in one go. While the show explores the political scene of Rajasthan that was formulated due to Gujjar-Jatt disputes doesn’t disinterest the pan-India audience.

Rangbaaz Phirse Review: Final Words

Rangbaaz Phirse is a good mix of action, thrill, drama, reality and fiction that leaves you wanting for more. If you haven’t already, we highly recommend you to watch Rangbaaz Phirse online on Zee 5 during the weekend. You can thank us later!