Ragini MMS 2 - Sunny Leone
Ragini MMS 2 - Sunny Leone

Ragini MMS 2 First Monday Collections | Box Office Collections 4 Days

Ragini MMS 2 First Monday Collections : Stable Performance

Ragini MMS 2 First Monday Collections were good considering the fact that fourth day at box office was a non-working day. Ragini MMS 2 started at box office with a good friday collections, and also the third highest collections in 2014 which resulted in a good first weekend. Sunny Leone’s Ragini MMS 2 comes after her previous flick Jism 2. Irrespective of all speculations, Ragini MMS 2 opened to a good occupancy on first friday and was able to gross a good sum at box office.

frankly speaking, I never had much expectations from Ragini MMS 2 and expected yet another fall for Sunny Leone’s Bollywood Career. However, the movie left me surprised. Sunny’s good acting skills and flick’s ability to send some chill down the spine left me amazed. Read Critics reviews here :  Ragini MMS 2 Critic Reviews

Overall, The movie was able to gather mixed reviews and opinions. I must say, Ragini MMS 2 was able to generate some good horror in bits and pieces.

Lets’ get to the main topic i.e Box Office Collections for Ragini MMS 2. Ragini MMS 2 managed around 7 Crores in its second day show at silver screen.  The movie had a good 40 % occupancy level at box office.

Having Collected a figure of 8.5 crores on its first day ( i.e friday ), Ragini MMS 2 opens up with a box office treat. But was unable to keep the momentum that high on Saturday. but Sunday was again fruitful.

Lets have a look at how Ragini MMS 2 grossed on fourth Day/ Monday on Box Office.

Ragini MMS 2 First Monday Collections

Ragini MMS 2 first Monday Collections were as follows :

  • Fourth Day Collections : 4.58 Crores

Ragini MMS 2 Box Office Collections & Day to Day Update ( Fourth day Update)

[box title=”Ragini MMS 2 Total Box Office Collections (4 Days )” style=”noise” box_color=”#a76c47″ radius=”5″]

[spoiler title=”Day By Day Collections (Click to expand)” style=”fancy”]

  • First Day (Friday) : 8.50 Crores
  • Second Day(Saturday): 7.07 Crores
  • Third Day(Sunday): 8.67 Crores
  • Fourth Day(Monday): 4.58 Crores


  • Opening Day Collection : 8.50 Crores
  • Highest Day Collection : 8.67 Crores (Day 3)
  • First Weekend : 24.24 Crores
  • First Week : 28.82 Crores So Far
  • Overall Collections : 28.82 Crores


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