Raaz Reboot 4th day collection
Emraan hashmi

As expected, Emraan Hashmi and Kriti Kharbanda starrer Raaz Reboot crashed own on Monday at the domestic Box Office. It was always on the cards as it failed to gain any momentum over the first weekend after an average opening on Friday. Raaz Reboot witnessed a drop of around 60% on Monday. As per the trade estimates, Raaz Reboot 4th day collection will be in the range of 2.6 to 2.8 crores. Raaz Reboot has been severely affected by poor and repetitive content.

Raaz Reboot First Weekend Collection: Day-Wise Report
Raaz Reboot 1st Day Collection: 6.3 crores
Raaz Reboot 2nd Day Collection: 5.49 crores
Raaz Reboot 3rd Day Collection: 6.3 crores
Raaz Reboot 4th Day Collection: 2.61 crores

With the collection of 2.61 crores on Monday, Raaz Reboot now stands 20.7 crores. The movie has been rejected by the audience in metros and multiplexes. Moreover, the other release of this week, Pink is giving tough times to Emraan Hashmi starrer in big cities and metros. Raaz Reboot solely depends on the business in mass centres and single screens but unfortunately these centres are also not performing as per expectations.

Raaz Reboot 4th Day Collection: Way Ahead
Things are not looking good for Emraan Hashmi and Vishesh films as the movie has literally crashed on Monday. Released on around 1500 screens, it looks impossible for the movie to revive from here. The Box Office fate of the movie is sealed and considering the current trend, it seems that continue to struggle in coming days.

Raaz Reboot 4rd Day Box Office Collection
Emraan and Kriti in Raaz Reboot

Raaz Reboot is made on a constraint budget of 30 crores (including the prints & advertising cost). The movie needs to cross the 40 crores mark to break even and 50 crores to be called a hit at the Box Office.

The performance of Raaz Reboot is way below expectations, considering that the last film of the same franchise, Raaz 3 earned 34 crores in the first weekend. Considering the current trend it seems difficult for the movie to even cross 30 crores at the Box Office. It is almost certain that Raaz Reboot will make it to the long list of Emraan Hashmi’s flop movies. The actor needs to come up with something special as his last eight movies flopped at the Box Office.

Note: Official numbers awaited.