R... Rajkumar Movie Poster
R... Rajkumar Movie Poster

R…Rajkumar Review

R…Rajkumar comes as a thirst quencher after weeks of below average movies. Shahid Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha’s teaming up brings out the best of actor’s performances and Pabhudheva’s direction makes it a delight for heart.

When I settled for watching R…Rajkumar Last night, I had baggage of disappointments from Ram-Leela, Gori Tere Pyaar Mein, Rajjo. R…Rajkumar makes up for all my loses somehow through a fun-filled light-hearted mood refresher performances by Shahid Kapoor. Sonakshi Sinha has never looked prettier before.

R…Rajkumar is a typical Prabhudheva film. Filled with lots of action and hint of romanticism. Backed by nice songs and humor R…Rajkumar is nice flick for watching.

Script & ScreenPlay

Once upon a time our Rambo Rajkumar (Shahid Kapoor) falls in love, in most awkward way, with Chanda ( Sonakshi Sinha). His love becomes a mess and a perfect plot for here. Figure this – Rajkumar works for drug dealer Shivraj (Sonu Sood). Shivraj also wants Chanda, now Chanda is Manik Parmar(Ashish Vidyarthi), another drug dealer’s niece. Manik & Shivraj who once upon a time were rivals unite against Rajkumar. Rest is easily predictable.

We have become habitual of such Bollywood storyline and in fact this is no issue, but blunt cuts and irregular screenplay overlays the sense movie tries to make at times. Screenplay ensures you don’t get a very smooth ride till the end.

The interesting songs, seem a bit tarnished on-screen some ‘coz of abrupt start. Lesser said about background score is better.

Actors & Performance

Shahid Kapoor is good at carrying his character. At times he also makes his action hero image belivable through nice acting. Sonu Sood is okay. You will not find complaints from any individual performance in R…Rajkumar.

Did we forget about Sonakshi Sinha ? Make guesses or watch to find out.

Why to give it a Miss ?

R…Rajkumar is not a path breaking exceptionally great movie. Also, If you think logically, the movie will irk you. Another reason you should not set foot in cinema hall is dislike for Sonakshi Sinha.

Why to watch ?

R…Rajkumar is a light-hearted movie with no harms intended. Also, after a dry spell of 3 weeks at least something watchable is there on silver screen.

R…Rajkumar Review Final Verdict

BlogtoBollywood team would rate R…Rajkumar as 3 on a scale of 5.



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