Queen of the South season 6: Is the show ending with season 5 finale?
Queen of the South season 6

Queen of the South Season 6: The fifth season finale aired on the USA Network on June 9. Will the show return for the sixth season?

  • Queen of the South is one of the best crime thriller TV series.
  • The fifth season of the crime drama series concluded on USA Network on June 9, 2021. Unfortunately, it was the last season of the series.

The 10th and final episode of Queen of the South season 5 aired on the USA Network on Jun 9, 2021. Based on the book La Reina del Sur by author Arturo Pérez-Reverte, the criminal drama series entertained the fans for more than half a decade. The first season of the crime drama series premiered in 2016. Since then it has emerged as one of the best crime thriller series on TV. With five blockbuster seasons aired in the last five years, Queen of the South has come to an end. This is definitely sad news for the fans as they were hoping for the story to continue.

Will there be Queen of the South season 6?

Queen of the South season 5 premiered on April 7, 2021, on USA Network. The most thrilling and exciting season of the series ended with its dramatic finale on Wednesday, June 9. This is the shortest season of the series. The previous four seasons have 13 episodes each.

Unfortunately, the series came to an end with the conclusion of the fifth season. Much to the surprise of the fans, season 5 is the final season, as announced on March 8, 2021. The series has run its course and reached its conclusion. It means there will be no season 6 and the fans have to look for other shows to fill the void.

Why was ‘Queen of the South’ cancelled after Season 5?

In a statement, executive producers Dailyn Rodriguez, Ben Lobato, and David Friendly said: “We could not be prouder of our entire cast and crew that joined us on this magnificent journey.

“Queen of the South began shooting in Mexico City, brought us to faraway places like Malta and Colombia, and finally landed in New Orleans. We cannot wait to share the explosive final season with our devoted fans.”

“And, of course, we could not have made this show without the talented and tireless Alice Braga, who brought our queen to life.”

Fans are suggesting a spin-off series

While fans across the world are still waiting for season 5 to arrive on Netflix, there are many suggesting possible spin-offs. Fans believe that the makers can expand the story in a form of a spin-off series. Some fans have even suggested the plot to focus on Teresa Mendoza’s life in hiding.

Well, the makers or channel have not made any announcement yet. But seeing the craze for the series, we are hopeful for the Queen to return in some form.

Where and how to watch ‘Queen of the South’?

While the crime drama has concluded its run on The USA Network, international fans have to wait for the arrival of the fifth season on Netflix. The streaming giant adds a new season 11-12 months after its premiere on the USA Network. Queen of the South season 5 would be added to Netflix in March or April 2022.

Queen of the South is an adaptation of the hit telenovela La Reina del Sur, that aired on USA’s sister network Telemundo. Both shows are live-action adaptations of the novel La Reina Del Sur by author Arturo Perez-Reverte.

The series focuses on Teresa Mendoza (Alice Braga), a poor Mexican woman who rises from the streets to the lord of the world’s biggest drug empire. The series showcases her rise to power in the male dominating drug business.

Queen of the South is one of the best crime thrillers out there. The previous four seasons are available on Netflix, and you can even binge-watch them there. You can stream seasons 1 to 4 of Queen of the Southon Netflix.