Queen Movie poster
Queen Movie poster

Queen First Monday Collections | Box Office Collections 4 Days

Queen Fourth Collections : Monday Report

Queen first monday collections were able to sustain the monday blues to a much larger extent. Also, Queen First weekend Collections were the highest amongst the three releases this week. Queen’ collections were better than other movies.

Remember, Queen starring Kangana Ranaut was not able to lure the audience on the first friday. Making its’ box office collections start on a low note on first day. It was more than a shock that Queen make such a failed show on day one. More because Queen has been praised for a good show and labeled as ‘nice flick’.

Queen, though had a poor start but the movie made it up in the remaining two days of its first weekend. It has a tremendous word of mouth from critics, audiences as well as film fraternity. Vikas Behl direction and Kangana Ranaut’s acting has been praised by one and all.  Kangana as punjabi girl has delivered the performance of the lifetime. Read Queen movie review : Queen Movie Review

Queen showed an improvement in occupancy on sunday.  Read more on Occupancy and screen count : Queen Occupancy & Screen Count

We predicted a low collection but Queen performed even lower than what was anticipated. Read more on prediction here : Queen Box Office Predictions .

Lets have a look at the figures for Day 4 ( Monday) at box office .

Queen First Monday Collections

Queen Fourth Day Collections were as follows :

  • Fourth Day Collections : 2.5 crores(approx)

Queen Collections & Day to Day Update ( Fourth Day Update)

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  • First Day ( Friday ) : 1.80 Crores
  • Second Day ( Saturday ) : 3.34 Crores
  • Third Day (Sunday) : 4.40 Crores
  • Fourth Day ( Monday ) : 2.1 Crores
  • Overall : 12.64 Crores


  • Opening Day Collection : 1.80 Crores
  • Highest day : Sunday : 4.90  Crores
  • First Weekend Collections : 9.54 Crores
  • First Week Collection : 12.64 Crores So far
  • Overall Collections : 12.64 Crores


queen first monday collections
queen first monday collections

Queen Movie Details

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