Public Response for Singh is Bling movie is Good
Akshay and Amy in a Dance Sequence from the movie Singh is Bling

While Critics were unable to embrace Singh is Bling without much criticism, public on the contrary enjoyed the fun and light-heartedness of the movie. The majority of public opinion was biased by Akshay Kumar’s fanatism, struck by Amy Jackson‘s beauty and warmheartedness towards Lara Dutta’s return.

I was unable to see or hear someone saying good on the intelligent levels of ‘direction’, ‘cinematography’ alike. Though some voices uttered sweet words for music.

Public Outspeak

Is it really watchable? Well, if you go by public responses, Singh is Bling is definitely watchable once, multiple visits should be restricted to only chronic fans though.

Hater’s offshoot:  Junta looking out for intelligent cinema seemed disappointed. But, in the very first place, why is such public present at Singh is Bling? Maybe haters’ Conspiracy theory 😉

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Public Response Analysis

Over 1000 tweets were analysed and only 5% cursed bad words to movie. 15% gave their heart and souls to the Bling Akshay Kumar, 70% said good and 10% rated it as an average, Making an average of 3.8 out of 5 scores for Amy Jackson and Akshay Kumar’s Singh is Bling.

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Singh is Bling Twitter response

Some random tweets about the movie are as below:

Video Public Review of Singh is Bling

Also below is a video compilation of Singh is Bling Public Response by BollywoodNow.

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Singh is Bling Public Response
Still from the movie Singh is Bling