‘The Late Night Show with Seth Meyers’ had Priyanka Chopra as one of its guests. Priyanka appeared on the show in a cool sweatshirt and a skirt. Braided hair and black boots added to her look. She talks about how she has always loved Baywatch and would watch it religiously. Seth Meyers has the background score ready and he makes Priyanka do the slo-mo Baywatch run. Priyanka says she is an Indian movie actor and there is a lot of slo-mo.

Seth Meyer asks her if she had any trouble with the American accent while shooting. Priyanka revealed that not just words but even few phrases took her time to figure out. She talked about rolling her R’s in words and shows us how she perfected the accent. They also talked about what it takes to be Miss World and Priyanka is truly conquering the world. You can watch the video here. We just wish more power to her!