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Priyanka Chopra Birthday Special: 8 Life Lessons To Learn From Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra Birthday Special

Desi girl of Bollywood Priyanka Chopra was born on 18 July 1984 and turns 35 today. She became Miss Universe at the age of 15 and her journey to become the queen of Bollywood started from there. She has completed almost 15 years in the industry and has established herself as an actress, singer, and producer. People with great experience are like a book, even one page from their life can change your life. Today as Priyanka Chopra turns 35, we learned certain lessons from Priyanka’s journey. As a part of part of Priyanka birthday special, have a look at 8 life lessons to learn from her.

Priyanka Chopra Birthday Special

Priyanka Chopra Birthday Special

1. Don’t Limit Yourself

Priyanka Chopra Birthday Special

Priyanka has truly proved that the only limits in life are that one makes for himself. In the 2000s a bunch of actresses entered Bollywood but only Priyanka succeeded like no one else and proved that even models can act. She opened the gates of Bollywood for aspiring models like Deepika and Anushka who joined Bollywood later through modeling.

2. Work On Your Talents

Priyanka Chopra Birthday Special

Everyone has got some talent, some discover and some may not discover their talents. After becoming a successful actress, she didn’t sit and counted her payments but decided to break chains and try something too. After years of practice in singing came ‘In My City’ song and brought the entire world to their dancing boots. She also established Purple Pebble Productions and wore Producer’s hat to produce some successful films like Mokama 0 KM, Ventilator, and Sarvann.

3. Dream Big

Priyanka Chopra Birthday Special

No actress from Bollywood thought of even side roles in Hollywood movies but this daring diva didn’t know what is the limit of desires and she dreamt of ruling hearts of Hollywood fans too. She entered Hollywood like no Indian actress did, she is working in one of the most talked about TV series Quantico and also worked with Hollywood’s biggie Dwayne Johnson in Baywatch. She has also signed two more movies in Hollywood and is playing the role of a single mother in one of them.

4. Positivity Is The Key

Priyanka Chopra Birthday Special

Priyanka has dealt with it all, racist tweets, gossip back home and even her fair share of haters and critics. However, she took everything positivity and truly followed the saying ‘ People might throw stones at you, it is up to you what you build with it, a wall or a bridge’ and shone even brighter always.

5. Family Comes First

Priyanka Chopra Birthday Song

Priyanka always stays in contact with her family no matter where she travels or how much ever busy she is. Tatoo of ‘Daddy’s Little Girl’ is always seen on her hand.

6. Right Team Divides The Tasks and Multiply Success

Hiring right team members can do wonders and Priyanka’s team has proved it for her. Her PR people, casting agents and stylists, all working 24×7 alongside her on the road to success.

7. Take Calculated Risks

Priyanka Chopra Birthday Special

Before becoming a model, she wished for becoming an engineer and then a criminal psychologist. But she later took the risk and choose to be a model and then from having fewer friends in the industry, doing a negative role in the beginning of her career and lots of struggling to work in Hollywood’s Quantico and a movie along side Dwyane Johnson, Priyanka has proved that there is no gain without risking things.

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8. Use Power Of Social Media

Priyanka Chopra Birthday Special

Priyanka currently has 32.4m fans on Facebook, 18.4m fans on Instagram and 18.1m fans on Twitter which makes her one of the most influential Indian celebs on social media. It has also become a huge promotional platform for her and she perfectly uses the power of social media and often expresses her views on various social issues.

All hail Desi Girl, we wish you a very happy birthday. May God Bless you with more success and you girl keep making India proud.