Akshay Kumar receives first National Award for Rustom

It’s party time for Akshay Kumar and his fans. We can’t be happier for Akshay as the actor has received the prestigious National award for his last year release Rustom. Along with other winners, the actor was honoured by President Pranab Mukherjee. The actor gets a standing ovation by the people who attended the award ceremony.

Before going to the event, the actor shared a pics with his family. He tweeted, “An important day in my life with the most important people in the world to me, my family #NationalFilmAwards”

Akshay Kumar with familyCheck out some pictures and videos from the National award ceremony.

  1. Sonam Kapoor looked really happy. She won a special award for her brilliant performance in Neerja.

National awards ceremony - Akshay with Sonam Kapoor

2. This picture shows, how proud Akshay Kumar is feeling. This surely is a big day in his life.

National awards ceremony - Akshay and Sonam kapoor

3. Akshay Kumar receiving National Award for Rustom.

Akshay Kumar receiving National Award for RustomThis seems to be the happiest day for Akshay Kumar as he tweeted, “No words can do justice to the joy I feel at this moment…sharing with you all my first ever #NationalFilmAward!Thank you for the love”

In the morning, Akshay Kumar shared a video in which he emphasised on doing things which you love. Check out the video right here.


  1. In its passion of being truly ‘national’, the court is given the unenviable process of trying to evaluate and contrast orange, celery and pears: a shiny Bollywood movie with a celebrity in control in argument with a gritty, low-budget ‘regional’ movie, on top of tale, low on manufacturing principles helmed by an excellent entertainer, compared to a poor quality movie with a hot key subject which has everyone talking


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