Parineeti Chopra got those perfect body curves without hitting Gym !
the Hotter, Sexier Parineeti Chopra

Parineeti Chopra Opens up about the body transformation, her motivation and her secret

In an interesting revelation, Parineeti Chopra has unveiled her secret for getting just too hot. A few days back, Parineeti Chopra had left the world speechless with her new improved body in Built that way photoshoot. Since the release of this album, everyone was wondering how did she manage to do it. While most of the speculations ended up with a good personal trainer and a strict fitness regime including gym and diet control.

Well, to prove you all wrong, Parineeti made the most of it in an even harder way. Yes, by using Kalaripatayu – an ancient martial art form originated somewhere in Kerela.

Parineeti Chopra in an interesting conversation with a leading daily said, “I’ve worked really hard to change my shapeless body into a shapely one. I’ve always wanted to look, fitter, more toned, wear better clothes but I was over-weight earlier. In fact, before I came down to India, I used to be obese, this really huge girl weighing 82 kgs. My new look should inspire those girls who believe they can never knock off the extra flab, that everybody has it in them to look good, you just have to really push it.” 

She further added, ”I don’t like working out in a gym so I opted for Kalaripayattu (a traditional form of martial arts which originated in Kerala) which may not make you lose weight as fast but it promises greater flexibility. Earlier, I only wanted to be thin but over the last nine months since I started this strenuous form of yoga, I’ve begun to feel fit and strong and I like that. Of course, I’m still a work in progress.”

Gym or Not is your choice, but you can do it is what Parineeti was able to teach everyone!