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Ozark Season 4

Ozark Season 4 Release Date Rumors: There has been a lot of rumors about the release of the fourth season of Netflix’s original Ozark.

Ozark is one of the best original shows on Netflix. It is one of the few shows that has garnered equal love from critics and viewers. The crime drama series has received several Emmy Award nominations and numerous other nominations. Currently, Ozark has three seasons, streaming on Netflix. Obviously, fans are desperate to see Ozark season 4. There has been a lot of rumors about the upcoming season. Well, most of these rumors have no weight except that the season will consist of 14 episodes and be broken into two parts.

There were rumors that Netflix has canceled the fourth season. These rumors are baseless and fake. On June 30, 2020, just three months after the previous season’s release, Netflix renewed the popular crime drama series for its fourth and final season. The official announcement was made with a video of number 4 captioning ‘They’re going out with a bang. It was later announced that the season will consist of 14 episodes and be broken into two parts of seven episodes each. Here’s we bring all the latest updates on Ozark season 4.

Was Ozark canceled?

Never. Ozark wasn’t really canceled. It’s just that the series is coming to an end with season 4. Netflix and creative producers decided to end the series on a high and that’s probably the reason they decided to split the fourth season into two parts. This is probably the best way to conclude the loving series.

One of the lead stars of the show, Felix Solis said during a recent Ozark panel for the SAG Awards:

All good things must come to an end. This was a good job that must come to an end,” said Solis, who appears as Omar Navarro. “We don’t want to wait until it’s not good for it end.

Maybe the fans aren’t really accepting that their favorite show is coming to an end and that’s when the rumors started floating.

Ozark season 4 release date

Like most Netflix movies and shows, filming for Ozark season 4 got delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Filming for the fourth season commenced in Atlanta, Georgia in Nov 2020. For a long time, we’ve been assuming Ozark season 4 would drop on Netflix in the fall of 2021. However, it doesn’t look like a possibility now.

Netflix shared a list of titles coming later this year, and unfortunately, Ozark season 4 was not on that list. Probably, Netflix hasn’t listed it because the show is still filming. Maybe Netflix doesn’t want to give wrong hopes to the fans.

However, the showrunner Chris Mundy and Jason Bateman are optimistic. Here’s what Bateman said according to Showbiz Cheat Sheet:

This sort of this race, the whole world is in between vaccinations and these variants. I mean, basically, it’s going to get to us a whole lot quicker now that Joe Biden’s got his hand on the wheel. It would have would have taken longer with the last administration, so I think we’re gonna get it to TV sooner thanks to Uncle Joe.

As per the reports coming, the filming is continuing at a brisk pace in Georgia. With six months still left, we can still hope for part 1 of season 4 to arrive in late 2021, likely October, November, or December. The second set of the final episodes, however, will arrive in 2022. If there delays, Ozark season 4 likely won’t premiere until 2022.

While we wait for season 4 to arrive, you can always stream Ozark season 1 to 3 on Netflix.