Gauhar slapped on reality show
Gauhar slapped on reality show

The incident that left that nation in shock, about a 24-year-old guy named Akil Malik getting up from the audience and coming on to the stage to slap the host of India’s Raw Star, has left the whole country in outrage.
While the social media is a buzz with reactions stating that man has no right to slap any women, there has been almost no reaction from Bollywood Celebs on any social networking sites except for an odd few.

Arjun Kapoor tweets:
“Disturbed shocked and appalled.”

Farhan Khan who has initiated MARD movement to raise awareness on women safety, took to Twitter:
”Dearest natural selection, please help us out-evolve morons like the one who slapped Gauhar Khan. Sincerely…”

Filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar tweeted:

”Shocked to hear that Gauhar Khan got slapped for alleged indecency. Absurdity just touched a new level. Disgusting and highly condemnable.”

Varun Dhawan said in his upcoming film Badlapur’s trailer launch event:
“It’s a very terrible thing to happen. I would hammer him. He should be punished severely.”

Kaushal Tandon- Gauhar’ ex says:
“What happened is disgusting. It is the production house’s fault as it’s their responsibility to ensure the security of the cast and crew. I feel the security wasn’t tight enough or else how would a guy just walk up to a celebrity like this? What if he had a knife or acid in hand? There should have been bouncers on the stage. We are going to take it up strongly. We will not leave this guy”

A few months back, when Times of India gave out the link of a video zooming into Deepika Padukone’s cleavage, the entire Bollywood Industry at once took to Twitter to show their outrage. Almost all the celebs continued to pour hatred for the newspaper daily. But in Gauhar’s case, only odd few gave a reaction.

Gauhar Khan called a press conference to express her shock:
“I thought I was safe up there on stage but actually I was an easy target for this guy who just walked up and hit me. I have some amount of training in self-defence but he took me completely unawares. While others pinned him down, I sat immobile, my face on fire, asking myself, ‘Why? Why? Why did he hit me?'” she cries.

Gauhar also says that measures should be taken to prevent such objectification of women:
“Education is important. Teachers should impress upon young boys to be gentle with women and not treat them as inanimate props. A person’s attitude is evident in the way he talks to his sister, mother, maid, friend or even a stranger. Today, if I tell a guy on the bike to step behind the signal, he turns around and says, ‘Ae chal’,” she sighs. “God has not created us to be ill-treated but to nurture each other. If something like this could happen to a celebrity, I shudder to think how unsafe women on the streets are.”

The accused Akil Malik is now in prison. Akil says that Gauhar ; being a muslim, shouldn’t wear short dresses.


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