Katrina Kaif
Katrina Kaif

Reigning Queen of Bollywood, Katrina Kaif is missing since Monday morning and social media is abuzz with fans and well wishers trending the hash tag #KatrinaMissing for their favorite actress.

There have been speculations about where could Katrina go missing suddenly. While many of the media people have tried contacting Katrina’s managers, nobody could reach them as their phones seem to out of network.
However, one of the sources say, – “Katrina has been thinking lately of starting her own makeup brand for Indian skin tone and given the style setter she is, she believes she can discover a whole new world with her own makeup brand. Therefore the possibility could be that Katrina has gone to finalize her brand and also do photo shoots for the same.”

However, our another reliable rubbishes has a totally different story to tell -” Katrina has gone on a secret vacation as she wants to discover new places and given the travel enthusiastic she is, she may have gone definitely to spend time alone and relax to take a break from her hectic schedule”.

While the other possibilities could be Katrina maybe has gone somewhere to study a new character for any of her upcoming films and maybe even learn new stunts or art, another source very close to the Diva says that Katrina could be on a shopping spree abroad since she can’t be openly shopping in India without the paparazzi capturing her every moment. “Kat could have gone for a shopping spree somewhere abroad as she loves to take her own time trying out different styles and given the paparazzi keeping an eye on her every moment, she couldn’t really shop in peace in India.”

Hashtag #KatrinaMissing has been trending in social networking sites and fans are going reckless about their favorite actress ! Lets have a look at some interesting tweets on #KatrinaMissing

Where do you think Katrina has gone missing ? Do let us know !


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