karan singh grover
karan singh grover

Is it like the thief’s are moving like a hungry beggar to grab anyone in the Bollywood industry? Irrespective of who so ever he may be. Despite by the fact that the crime rate is getting increased like a sun day by day but on the other hand the waves may grab the Bollywood celebs or stars is actually hard to believe. Rolling with the same depiction, one of the renowned personalities of all, the stunning star of B town Karan Singh Grover’ is cheated by a lottery scam. Yes, what you read is actually true and is hard to believe but believe me my friends the incident actually happened in between his friends and colleagues. Check the cheated scam activity i.e. actually how it happened.

Moving along with the sources the cheating scam triggered when Karan in the mid of the day got a message from Audi Motors and from far away from this country i.e. from United Kingdom depicting that he had won Rs 4.31 crore, but in order to claim the prize money he will have to deposit around 7 Lakhs and he had to send a confirmation email to [email protected] Initially the actor not even thought a bit that this message might be a scam. Meanwhile, to grab grover into the scam one of the fellow people suspected as a member of Nigerian group contacted the actor wherein he quoted to be the GM of the company. Keeping this thing into account police said “When Grover tried to transfer the cash, he could not proceed as the system asked him for cost of transaction code. He called up Joshi who asked him to deposit Rs 98,000 for securing the code, “He had to make more deposits for the tax code and demur rage code.” – As per the sources said a police officer. And finally the actor realized that he’s being cheated by someone and in the end ran to the BKC cyber police station for registering a case, the police then registered a case under the relevant sections of the IPC and the Information Technology Act. The internals of the activity are yet to come, till then stay tuned with BlogtoBollywood.com



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