Nana Patekar slams Salman Khan
Nana Patekar slams Salman Khan

After Salman Khan’s comment on the ban of Pakistani artists from our country, saying that Pakistani artists come to India with proper work visa provided by our Government and that they are different from terrorists, Abhijeet Bhattacharya was quick to slam Salman’s comments on Twitter. After Abhijeet Bhattacharya and Raj Thackrey, Nana Natekar has come out all guns blazing against Salman.

When Nana was asked about his views on the on-going ban, he replied, “I don’t know anything else other than my country. An artist is very small in front of a country. As artists, we don’t have value when it comes to country.”

He went further by saying, ”I was in the army and have spent two and half years there. I know who are our biggest heroes. No one can be a bigger hero than our jawans. Our jawans are our real heroes.”

When asked about how Bollywood is divided on the issue, Patekar said, “We actors are trivial and insignificant. Please don’t pay attention to what we say.”
When asked which actor he was talking about, he indirectly referred to the recent Salman Khan comment. He said, ” I am talking about those people only. They don’t have the status to comment on these issues.”

Giving a backlash, the Shiv Sena on Saturday said that Salman too should migrate to Pakistan if he likes the Pakistani actors so much.

MNS chief Raj Thackeray, at a press conference, spoke at length about the matter. Taking the war of words to a level higher, Raj said “Are we short of artists in our country? Why do we need Pakistani artists to work in our films? I don’t understand. Jawans are fighting for us at borders.What’ll happen if they decide to put down their weapons? Who’ll guard our borders? Salman Khan? These artists should realize ‘Nation first’. If they have so much problem, we will ban their movies too”