My Liberation Notes to Our Blues, K-Dramas Debuting on Netflix on April 9
My Liberation Notes cast

Netflix is slowly and steadily becoming a rich library for Korean content. Almost every month a couple of Korean movies and shows are debuting on the streaming giant. Netflix already has some Korean biggies like Squid game, Hellbound, and All of us are Dead. Netflix library is only going to get rich with Korean content in the upcoming months. More than 50 new K-Dramas will debut on the platform in the next two years. This month the streamer is adding to intriguing K-Dramas. Let’s have a look.

My Liberation Notes

“My Liberation Notes” is a story of three siblings and a stranger who wants to escape their frustrating lives. It stars Lee Min-ki, Kim Ji-won, Son Seok-koo, and Lee El in lead roles.

Yeom Mi-Jung (Kim Ji-Won) plays the youngest child of the three siblings. She wants to live a carefree life but is introverted and timid.

Yeom Chang-Hee (Lee Min-Ki) plays the middle child of the three siblings. He wants to escape from his family’s home in Samp Village. He doesn’t have any ambition and is living a meaningless life.

Yeom Ki-Jung (Lee El) is the oldest child of the three siblings. The hot-tempered girl is bored with her life and job and she wants to find love.

Mr. Goo (Son Suk-Ku) is a mysterious man, who suddenly appears in Sanpo Village. He is always drunk. One day, Yeom Mi-Jung approaches him.

Netflix summary of the show reads:

“Three siblings, exhausted by the monotony of day-to-day adulthood, seek to find fulfillment and freedom from their unremarkable lives.”

Two new episodes will be out every week on Saturday and Sunday.

Our Blues

The next Korean release on Netflix is Our Blues starring Lee Byung-hun, Shin Min-a, Cha Seung-won, Lee Jung-eun, Uhm Jung-hwa, Han Ji-min, and Kim Woo-bin.

The series revolves around the sweet and bitter life of people standing at the end, climax, or beginning of life, and depicts their stories in an omnibus format against the backdrop of Jeju Island.

Netflix summary of the show reads:

“Romance is sweet and bitter — and life riddled with ups and downs — in multiple stories about people who live and work on bustling Jeju Island.”

Two new episodes will be out every week on Saturday and Sunday. There are a total of 20 episodes.