Movie Ticket Booking Websites to Accept Bitcoin Payments

Bitcoin is merely considered an investment asset in the marketplace. Undeniably, the ROI processed by bitcoin is phenomenal, and there are several investors who have made gigantic buck out of it, but bitcoin was not invented as an investment asset in the very first place as bitcoin was composed as a payment method.

There is a huge misconception among some people that bitcoin is a stock or a real physical coinage, as demonstrated in pictures. Bitcoin was unconfined in the marketplace as an ecosystem to facilitate the transactions between sender and receiver as the conventional banking system is correspondingly subjected to a huge set of technical bumps.

The fact might amaze you that the potential of bitcoin as a payment method was undiscovered for a great deal of time. However, recently the solicitation of bitcoin as a payment ecosystem blew up, and several industries started to accept bitcoin payments.

All the more recently, some of the movie ticket booking websites have announced bitcoin payments on their website. Suppose you want to get profitable results in your bitcoin expedition, checkout for more details. Here is everything you should know about the recent announcement of movie ticket booking websites on the allowance of bitcoin as a payment method, so what are you waiting for? Let’s have a look.

Prominent Movie Booking Websites to Accept Bitcoin Payments

As established, there are several movie ticket booking website that has announced to accept bitcoin as a payment method for booking movie tickets one of this prominent website is is one of the most renowned ticket booking platforms in the entire United States; you are allowed to book tickets for any possible live show and movies commencing this platform. Recently a fierce bulletin arrived that have correspondingly announced to accept bitcoin as a payment method.

You are allowed to pay through bitcoin for buying movie tickets; all the more, has closed a sponsor deal with a trustable exchange rendering services in terms of cryptocurrency to embrace the ease of that explicit progression.

The platform renders you an additional gateway of payment if you want to buy movie tickets through bitcoin. A groundbreaking broadcast arrived that one of the trustable exchanges was in touch with one of the renowned production houses named lion gate films.

Buying Movie tickets commencing bitcoin might sound like a challenging task, but it is exceeding. For buying movie tickets commencing bitcoin payments, you have to select your favorite movie show, timing, and seats. Once you have selected all these things, you need to move to the payment option. Subsequent to moving to the payment option, you have to opt for bitcoin for payments.

The platform will display you a QR code, you can either scan the QR code through your bitcoin wallet, or you can pay by inserting the wallet address of the movie ticket booking platform in your wallet address, and you can transfer the funds to your movie ticket is worth. Let’s check out some of the potential pluses of bitcoin as a payment method in the film industry.

Politically Independent

Bitcoin was the first-ever cryptocurrency to be subjected to a decentralized character. The decentralized character of bitcoin is fulfilled by the peer-to-peer network of the nodes. The decentralized character of bitcoin is the root cause of ample benefits offered by bitcoin; some of them are mentioned below.

Extremely low transaction fees

Transaction fees of bitcoin and the traditional banking system vary drastically. Suppose you are travelling to another country and you want to see a movie in that country; you can book your movie tickets even with your domestic movie booking application; you might be wondering about the transaction expenses globally alongside the taxes. The transaction cost of the traditional banking system in the case of international transactions is exceedingly high, but in the case of bitcoin, it is exceedingly low, or say nominal.

Anonymity and Users Secretion

Bitcoin is subjected to ample fascinating features, and anonymity is one of these features. The anonymity of bitcoin allows you to book a movie ticket without even actually revealing your actual identity, as while booking a movie ticket commencing bitcoin, it does not require your banking details at all.

These are some of the latest updates of movie ticket booking websites accepting bitcoin as a payment method.