Micky Virus movie Poster
Micky Virus movie Poster

Manish Paul is one of my favorite tv anchors, and this influenced me in watching Mickey Virus on priority this week. However I was left disappointed after a series of senselessly plotted script which tried to pull on & off my level of sensibility.

Though Salman Khan has been endorsing Mickey Virus in his hit show Big Boss, and having heard Elli Avram say “Malviya Nagar ke James Bond…” numerous times still it does not connects any better when the actual dialogue is delivered.

Debutant director Saurabh Verma chose a theme which could had been scripted and executed so well, but ends up slipping off.

Story’s attyachar :

Mickey, as Manish Paul is called in the movie, is a slacker and does his earning from alternate sources, petty hacking jobs. ACP Siddhant (Manish Chaudhury) and inspector Bhalla (Varun Badola) need Mickey for a cyber crime case. MeanWhile Mickey lives in his own wonderland with three friends Chutney (Pooja Gupta), Floppy (Raghav Kakkar) and Pancho (Vikesh Kumar). He falls for a banker Kamayani (Elli Avram). Then he was found reversing bank transactions for Kamayani through his hacking skills. You might find some moments to satisfy the 200 bucks you just spend on Mickey but the bottom line is still the same ‘ why is there no connect in the movie’.

Moving on, if the first half was slower, the second half was no better. The climax is stretched so long that you might cry for an end. Mickey Virus is categorised as Thriller Comedy. Even though Thriller does at one point tries to catch but falls apart. Comedy was over doing and repetitive.

The Verdict

I have no issues with any performance except the director. Saurabh Verma will surely need to rethink and come back stronger next time. As of now, please avoid this virus from infesting your time.

Blogtobollywood would rate it as 1.5 on a scale of 5.