Salman Khan is back with high level entertainment for his fans! The much hyped film released yesterday and has received welcoming response at the BO by fans. Here we present to you the ‘Kick’ movie review.

‘Kick’ has more than what you expect from a typical Salman Khan movie. The actor has upped his entertainment quotient and many scenes in the movie will give you a jaw-aching laugh. Salman effortlessly gives his weird-cocky acting at his best which is his character in the movie. Salman, who is known for delivering cool funny liners in his film has continued the trend with ‘Kick’ too. Few of them from the movie are:

“Wo jeena hi kya jeena jisme Kick na ho pagli !”

“Aap devil ke peeche , devil aapke peeche… Too much fun !”

“Mere baare mei itna mat sochna. Mei Dil mei aata hu, samaj mei nahi”

Salman and Jacqueline in Kick
Salman and Jacqueline in Kick

Movie Spoiler ahead:

Salman’s charisma is always a treat. He has done complete justice to his role as ‘Devi Lal Singh’ who does weird, thrilling and risky things in life to get that ‘Kick’. His weird but sweet way of thinking is put to test when he meets the love of his life ‘Shaina’ (Jacqueline Fernandez) . Shaina is a psychiatrist who finds Devi weird but eventually falls in love and overlooks his weird behavior. She wants him to get a proper job so that she can get married to him. But things turn ugly when Devi finds it hard to cope with his new found job and leaves it. Shaina finds it out and the two break up.

How the break up alters Devi’s mind and how he becomes a thief called “Devil” to “earn” money is how the story evolves. Shaina is then made to meet cop Himanshu(Randeep Hooda) by her Father to get married. Both of them become good friends and she tells him all about Devi. Himanshu too opens up about how a thief called “Devil” is giving him sleepless nights. However, both of them fail to realize that they are talking about the same person (Salman). How both of them deal when they understand its the same person they are concerned about is the suspense.

However, the highlight of the movie is the corrupt politician cum millionaire played by Nawazzudin Sidiqqui. His role is will be unforgettable by the audience as he lightens the silver screen with his evil maniac laugh and tongue popping noise at the end of his sentences. The actor, does incredibly well even with his limited presence.

Overall, the movie is a complete paisa-vasool treat for Salman fans. Sajid Nadiadwala has done well with his directional debut. Jacqueline has shared enough screen space but fails with her not-so-good acting. Randeep is impressing as strict cop.

As for non-Salman fans, the decent story, good chemistry between Salman-Jacqueline, foot tapping songs and high end action stunts will be quite entertaining. And as for hardcore Salman fans, they don’t really need reviews to watch their Sallu Bhai. He is the reason enough for the movie.

So what are you waiting for? Get Your ‘Kick’ now !


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