Mohenjo Daro Budget, Screen Count And Box Office Analysis

Hrithik and Pooja in Mohenjo Daro
Hrithik and Pooja in Mohenjo Daro

Hrithik Roshan and Pooja Hegde starrer Mohenjo Daro is all set to hit the theatres tomorrow. Directed by Ashutosh Gowariker, Mohenjo Daro is a love story based in Indus valley civilization. Mohenjo Daro was one of the hottest movies of the year till the release of its trailer. The equation changed after the release of an average trailer and the movie is now looking for a respectable opening. Let’s have a look at Mohenjo Daro budget, screen count and Box Office analysis.

Mohenjo Daro Budget
Mohenjo Daro has been made on a big budget and huge scale. Moreover, it has been delayed several times for various reasons which further resulted in the increase of budget. As per the information we have, the total production cost of Mohenjo Daro is around 105 crores. With 15 crores spent on advertising and promotion, the total budget of the movie is around 120 crores.

Mohenjo Daro Screen Count
The screen count of Mohenjo Daro will be higher than Rustom. The movie will release on around 2600 screens in India. UTV had already booked many screens a few months in a multi-films deal which included Baaghi, The Jungle Book, Mohenjo Daro and Dangal. Talking about the distribution of screens, around 1500 screens will be allocated to single screens and mass centres and 1100 screens will go to multiplexes. In overseas, the movie will release on around 700 screens. (Read: Rustom Budget and Screen Count)

Mohenjo Daro Economics
Mohenjo Daro has a huge budget associated with it. Though the movie has recovered 60 crores through satellite, music and other rights, it needs to perform exceptionally well in order to emerge as a profitable venture for the distributors. As per the reports we have, Mohenjo Daro has been sold to distributors for 85 crores. It means Mohenjo Daro is already profitable for the producers. But it should go over 140 crores for generating profits for distributors. (Read: Mohenjo Daro Vs Rustom: Which movie will win the Box Office race)

Mohenjo Daro Box Office Analysis
Lifetime collection < 120 crores (Flop)
Lifetime collection > 120 crores (Average)
Lifetime collection > 140 crores (Hit)
Lifetime collection > 180 crores (Super Hit)
Lifetime collection > 220 crores (Blockbuster)

Mohenjo Daro Box Office Expectations
As said earlier, Mohenjo Daro was one of the hottest movies of the year but the equation changed after the release of an average trailer. The buzz is low, something we don’t associate with Hrithik Roshan’s movies. Still, we can’t thrash it as Hrithik and Ashutosh have good track record. If the content clicks then Mohenjo Daro will be one of the big money spinners of 2016. (Read: Mohenjo Daro Box Office prediction)


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