Mirzapur Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot
Mirzapur Season 2

Mirzapur Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot: Everything You Need To Know About The Second Season Of Amazon Prime’s Mirzapur.

If there is a Hindi web series, everyone is waiting for then it has to be Mirzapur 2. The second season of the dark, thrilling web series has been given green signal and viewers are eagerly waiting for its premiere. People are talking about season 2 since the release of its first part in 2018 on Amazon Prime Video. Today, we are going to reveal some details about Mirzapur Season 2 release date, cast, and plot and everything we know so far.

Mirzapur Season 2: Plot & Storyline

Mirzapur revolves around Mafia Akhandanand Tripathi aka Kaleen Bhaiya, his son (Munna Bhaiya), and two brothers Bablu and Guddu who are caught up in a world of drugs, violence, and the mafia. All nine episodes in the first season were full of violence, thrill, and desi entertainment. The first season ended on a cliffhanger. In the climax, Munna Bhaiya kills Guddu’s younger brother Bablu and his wife Sweety. But somehow Guddu and Sweety’s sister Golu managed to survive.

Viewers are super excited to know what follows. It is difficult to predict what will happen next in Mirzapur. However, it is almost certain that Guddu will take revenge of his brother Bablu and his wife Sweety’s death from Munna Bhaiya. Rati Shankar’s son will create trouble for Kaleen Bhaiya to avenge the death of his father. Golu (Sweety’s Sister), Beena Tripathi (Kaleen Bhaiya’s second wife) will also play important roles in the second season.

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In season 2 we may see an ultimate battle between Guddu and Kaleen Bhaiya. In Mirzapur 2, Guddu would be more powerful and fearless. We may see a new avatar of Golu who will become more fearless and revengeful after her sister’s and lover’s death. No matter who wins the ultimate battle, Mirzapur 2 is going to be more violent and exciting thas its first season.

Mirzapur Season 2 Cast & Crew

The following lead characters will make their return in Mirzapur 2 Season 2. We would also see some new characters to make things even more thrilling and interesting.

  • Pankaj Tripathi as Akhandanand “Kaleen Bhaiya” Tripathi
  • Ali Fazal as Govind “Guddu” Pandit
  • Amit Sial as Ram Sharan Maurya, SSP, Special Officer assigned to Mirzapur
  • Divyendu Sharma as Phoolchand “Munna Bhaiya” Tripathi
  • Shahnawaz Pradhan as Superintendent of Police Parshuram Gupta, Golu and Sweety’s father
  • Rajesh Tailang as Ramakant Pandit, Guddu, Bablu and Dimpy’s father
  • Sheeba Chaddha as Vasudha Pandit, Ramakant Pandit’s wife, Guddu, Bablu and Dimpy’s mother
  • Shweta Tripathi as Gajgamini “Golu” Gupta, younger daughter of Parshuram
  • Rasika Dugal as Beena Tripathi, Kaleen Bhaiya’s second wife and Munna’s stepmother
  • Harshita Gaur as Dimpy Pandit, Guddu and Bablu’s sister
  • Shaji Chaudhary as Maqbool Khan, Kaleen Bhaiya’s trusted henchman
  • Kulbhushan Kharbanda as Satyanand Tripathi, Kaleen Bhaiya’s father and Munna’s grandfather
  • Anjum Sharma as Sharad Shukla, Rati Shankar’s Son

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Mirzapur Season 2 Release Date

The first season of Mirzapur released in 2018 was a huge hit. Everyone was expecting the makers to come up with season 2 in 2019, but that didn’t happen. However, on Amazon Prime’s Anniversary in Nov 2019, it announced that Mirzapur 2 would release in 2020. A teaser was released in Feb 2020 announcing that season 2 would be out soon.

It is confirmed that the shooting of Season 2 has been completed. The post-production work and dubbing have started after 3 months halt due to COVD-19. Amazon Prime just revealed the release date through a video released on Youtube. Mirzapur 2 is releasing on 23 Oct 2020. So, fasten your seat belts.

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Mirzapur Season 2 Trailer

The makers haven’t released the trailer yet. However, at the end of February, Amazon Prime Video released a short video marking the season two announcement. It is a collection of clips from the first season of Mirzapur. The text throughout the video reads: “In season one we heard Sitar, Peepni, Tabla. In season two, Bajega Pura Band.”

Mirzapur Season 2 Download & Streaming

Amazon Prime Video has exclusive rights of Mirzapur web series. So, whenever Season 2 releases, it will stream exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. If you haven’t watched the first season yet, you can stream all nine episodes on Amazon Prime Video.

Season 2 will be a follow up to the first season. So, we would recommend you to watch the first season of Mirzapur before the second season releases in Nov 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Mirzapur Season 2

1. What is the release date of Mirzapur season 2?

Mirzapur 2 is definitely releasing in 2020. The makers haven’t revealed the exact date. However, it is expected to premiere in Sep 2020.

2. Where to watch Mirzapur season 2?

Mirzapur is Amazon Prime Video exclusive. The first season was released in 2018. Mirzapur 2 will also stream exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

3. Will Bablu (Vikrant Messey) return in Mirzapur 2?

Well, we don’t think so. Guddu will take revenge as he will be the lead character in Mirzapur 2.