Mira Rajput asked Shahid Kapoor to quit smoking and he obliged!
Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput -the perfect couple.

Mira Rajput is one lucky girl to have Shahid Kapoor as her life-partner.

Shahid and Mira are so in love. Apart from the fact that they look so great together, there are other things that make them the perfect couple, like this latest bit of news. Word around the streets of Tinsel town is that Mira Rajput was not very happy about Shahid Kapoor‘s smoking habits. She expressed her desire to Shahid and guess what he did? He quit smoking forever!

Shahid Kapoor started smoking when his four-year relationship with Kareena Kapoor ended. He was seen smoking for the first time while shooting for his film Kismet Connection in Canada during his personal crisis and he got addicted to nicotine after that.

But now he has kicked the habit for good. He has not smoked from the past few months and all credit goes to wifey Mira. Katrina Kaif has also been trying to convince Ranbir Kapoor to quit smoking. She even took Ranbir to a health centre in Austria on his birthday. He took the stop-smoking injections that has helped chain-smokers kick the habit.

Well, Shahid gets the Husband of the Year Award from our side!