Ashar and Sufyan - May Kya Karoon
Ashar and Sufyan - May Kya Karoon

Little was know that Ashar Khan & Sufyan Ahmed will come across the world as a band, when they met at a local show back in 2006. This was just a beginning for Ashar & Sufyan. Their debut track marks and is considered a small but necessary milestone.

Originally from Pakistan, They currently have their base in Chicago.Sufyan & Ashar are performing together ever since they first met. Their track May Kya Karun was released after evident anticipation. ‘May Kya Karun’ is a part of their debut album. The album is yet to be launched.

The track has perfect Sufi touch for soothing our ears. Starting on a higher & brighter end of spectrum with excellent music, it turns all chords in favor with a nice lyrical representation.

‘May Kya Karun’ can be classified as alternative rock/Bollywood/Indie Rock. Track was released on 27th September 2013.

Track Details:
  • Lyrics & Composition: Ashar & Sufyan
  • Director/Producer: kamijee
  • Asst. Director: Fahad & Fardeen
  • Music Producer: Ashar,Sufyan & kamijee
  • Music co-pro: Dj Aumir

Ashar & Sufyan indeed impress  as a débutant.Wishing them luck & success.

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