Purani Jeans Poster
Purani Jeans Poster

May 2 2014 Releases : Purani Jeans, Kya Dilli Kya Lahore, Angry Young Man And Kahin Hai Mera Pyar | Movies This Week

May 2 2014 will see four new releases in Bollywood. Friendship saga Purani Jeans and social drama Kya Dilli Kya Lahore are the major releases who while two minor films, Angry Young Man and Kahin Hai Mera Pyar are also releasing on this Friday. Hollywood movie The Amazing Spiderman 2 will also give stiff competition these new releases as it has released a day earlier.

Purani Jeans

The movie is a friendship saga which is directed by Tanushri Chattrji Bassu and produced by Manju Lulla. It is presented under the banner of Eros International.

The film will have Tanuj Virwani, (son of actress Rati Agnihotri), Izabelle LeiteAditya SealSarika are in main leads and Rati Agnihotri herself is also playing a role in the film. Manoj PahwaRajit KapoorKamini KaushalParam BaidwaanRaghav KakkarKashyap Kapoor and Kashika Chopra will appear in supporting roles.

The plot of the film revolves around two best friends but their friendship gets highly affected after entrance of a girl in their lives which forms a routine love triangle

Purani Jeans Movie Trailer

Purani Jeans Movie Details

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Kya Dilli Kya Lahore

Kya Dilli Kya Lahore is an upcoming social drama based on Indo-Pak Partion. The movie is directed by Vijay Raaz (making his directorial debut) and produced by Karan Arora. Gulzar Saab contibutes as the presenter of the movie. The first look of the movie was unveiled at Wagah Border on 14 August 2012 in a symbolic colorful flag lowering ceremony. 

The star cast of the movie features Vijay Raaz as Rehmat Ali, Manu Rishi as Samarth Pratap Shastri, Raj Zulfi and Vishwajeet Pradhan in main leads.

The film is set in the post-independence period of Indo-Pakistan partition in the year of 1948. One day, a crossfire erupts and only two soldiers are left alive. One is an Indian soldier of Pakistani origin and the other one is a Pakistani soldier of Indian origin. From there on a combined journey of these two soldiers starts which results in formation of a unique bond between them and establishes that humanity is bigger than any religion in the world.

It looks that the movie will be an excellent cinematic experience as it has already received praises all across the globe in different international film festivals.

Kya Dilli Kya Lahore Movie Trailer

Kya Dilli Kya Lahore Movie Details

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  • StarCast : Vijay Raaz, Manu Rishi, Raj Zulfi, Vishwajeet Pradhan
  • Director : Vijay Raaz
  • Producer : Karan Arora
  • Music : Sandesh Shandilya
  • Release Date : May 2, 2014


Angry Young Man

It is a an action thriller with a revengeful and mysterious premise to it. It is directed by Ramesh Rout and produced by Vijay Singh Rathod.

The star cast features Ajay Sinh Rathod, Prachi Sinha…. Sarah, Raj Arjun, Ehsaan Khan, Nawab Shah and Sunil Godse.

The plot revolves around a boy played by whose only goal in life is to get his revenge.

Angry Young Man Movie Details

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  • StarCast : Ajay Sinh Rathod, Prachi Sinha…. Sarah, Raj Arjun, Ehsaan Khan, Nawab Shah and Sunil Godse
  • Director : Ramesh Rout
  • Producer : Vijay Sinh Rathod
  • Music : Amjad, Nadeem, Mikey McCleary
  • Release Date : May 2, 2014


Kahin Hai Mera Pyar

The movie is a romantic drama which is directed by Mahesh Vaijnath Doijode and produced by Mahesh Vaijnath Doijode, Santosh Vaijnath Doijode & Balasaheb Vaijnath Doijode while presented under the banner of Mohini Art International.

The star cast features Sanjay Kapoor, Jackie Shroff, Abhishek Sethiya, Sonia Mann, Gajendra Chauhan, Kishori Shahane and Nishant Sharma.

The plot of the film is quite unique as a painter falls in love with an imaginary girl whose image he paints one day, then he starts searching her as he thinks he is surely somewhere.

Kahin Hai Mera Pyar Movie Trailer

Kahin Hai Mera Pyar Movie Details

[box title=”Kahin Hai Mera Pyar Movie Details ” box_color=”#a76c47″ radius=”5″]

  • StarCast : Sanjay Kapoor, Jackie Shroff, Abhishek Sethiya, Sonia Mann, Gajendra Chauhan, Kishori Shahane, Nishant Sharma
  • Director : Mahesh Vaijnath Doijode
  • Producer : Mahesh Vaijnath Doijode, Santosh Vaijnath Doijode & Balasaheb Vaijnath Doijode
  • Music : Ravindra Jain, Nikhil Kamath
  • Release Date : May 2, 2014


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