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Mastram Web Series Brings Back Fantasies

Mastram web series download: New 18+ Web series Mastram is streaming on MX Player. Here’s is how to download/stream it for free.

In the 80s, there was an author named Mastram, very popular in India’s Hindi heartland. Mastram’s sensual stories were huge hits among masses. His books used to sell like hotcakes at railway stations and footpaths. Young boys and even men used to smuggle those books to read in privacy. His sensual stories acted as a booster for men dull and boring lives. Those stories act as a graduate book for young boys wanting to be a man. Now a new web series has arrived which brings the story of Mastram on the digital platform.

Mastram Web Series Plot

Streaming giant MX Player brings the story of Mastram in the form of a web series. This 10-episode series has Anshuman Jha playing the lead role of an author who indulged into se*xual fantasies to get the inspiration to create his stories.

Set in the scenic locations of Himachal Pradesh, Mastram is about an aspiring writer who became an erotica writer of spicy and sensual stories. The show brings back the fantasies, passion and sensual stories on a digital medium.

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Mastram Web Series Characters

Mastram also features Tara Alisha Berry, Aakash Dabhade, Rani Chatterjee, Jagat Rawat, Kenisha Awasthi, Garima Jain, Isha Chabbra and Aabha Paul in key supporting roles. Akhilesh Jaiswal is the director of this web series.. Watch the trailer here:

Mastram web series download for free

Mastram was the hero for masses in the 80s when youngsters don’t have easy access to sensual and erotic stuff. He was a game-changer. His erotic stories infused excitement into people’s otherwise dull and boring lives.

Mastram is a treat for viewers looking for an Indian erotic and sensual content. It is a welcome change for viewers looking for some fantasy. Rated 18+, the web series is strictly for adults as it has a lot of bold stuff not to be watched with family. This hot and spicy web-series is streaming on MX player. You can watch it for free.