Mary Kom Music Review and Soundtrack Details : Vishal, Arijit, Sunidhi, Mohit Chauhan, Priyanka Chopra bring in the best music for ears. Mary kom has nice s
Priyanka Copra as Mary Kom

Mary Kom Music Review

Mary Kom Music review : Based on Mary Kom’s struggle and her path for glory, the movie aims to search and reflect what is takes to be a legend. The music stands in resonance with it and has tracks like ‘Ziddi Dil’, ‘Teri Baari’ and ‘Salaam India’ which reflect the theme and are inspiring.It was indeed a pleasure reviewing Mary Kom music as the soundtrack never gets weak. Not even for a single song.

Before we review, let’s grab a cup of coffee as the soundtrack is 7 tracks and takes around 25 mins to spin through it.

Track wise review of Mary Kom

Ziddi Dil [audiotube id=”f0tjpwW4rzM” size=”large”]

Ziddi Dil is all about motivation that keeps you stick closely with you dreams even when things don’t work out. vishal Dadlani sings this rock/motivation genre song on the musical treat of Shashi Suna. The lyrics are penned by Prashant Ingole. The song looks good and is energetic enough to pinch in some motivations.

Sukoon Mila [audiotube id=”pZcKxZJ7MoA” size=”large”]

When it comes to soulful singing, we know we can always count on Arijit Singh to put in some extra soul in the song. Sukoon Mila is Love/Romance/blissful song on beautiful jass mixed sweet background music. The lyrics says a lot and is a constructive work of Sandeep Singh. I must say Shashi Suman is able to bridge in beautifully between the soulful singing and light music. A yet another must hear track from Arijit Singh. I’ll take this on my playlist.

Adhure [audiotube id=”LEwzwqNnfpw” size=”large”]

The song starts on a nice guitaring and then is picked up very smoothly by Sunidhi Chauhan. This is also Prashant’s work and supported wonderfully by a blissful background by Shashi Suman. Adhure is a smooth soulcry and connects very well. I’ll take this on my repeat list. This is an addictive species, beware.

Teri Baari [audiotube id=”spjl9mUw5uI” size=”large”]

Oh my God, it is my best day ? You can recognise Mohit Chauhan from his signature singing. Teri Baari is a put forward motivational song and is well enough to pump your adrenaline instantly. The very deep and powerful lyrics are again a work of Prashant Ingole. This song has been supported very well by some great backgound music. Sashi Suman’s talent is commendable in Teri Baari. the song is one good powerhouse of push adrinaline rush.

Saudebaazi [audiotube id=”Z1kJOIEgGMo” size=”large”]

Arijit Singh is found singing a smooth song, The gentle musical treatment of saudebaazi looks good and is well supported by nicely penned lyrics. But, I hate the repetitive usage of ‘beautiful’ in the song. It is a nice track overall, but stands weak in front of ‘Adhure’ and alike. The song will light up your mood instantly.

Salaam India [audiotube id=”e2t0wXBvIO0″ size=”large”]

On a powerful composition by Shivam, the lyrics by Sandeep Singh is brought to justice by Vishal Dadlani and Salim Merchant. It is nice to find a patronising track in Mary Kom and it is more of a pleasure to find it appealing. If someone wants to learn how a rock music can do wonders, check this one out.

Chaoro [audiotube id=”h1FwncOOLlg” size=”large”]

Sung by Priyank Chopra, her debut in Hindi music is through a lullaby. Chaoro is soothing, smoothly melts in your ears and touches your heart healing heartaches and relaxes you. A wonderful composition bu


Overall the album is delightful. From ‘Chaoro’ to ‘Teri Baari’. Every track has left an impression and is good. Sunidhi’s Adhure, Arijit’s Sukoon Mila, Mohit’s ‘Teri Baari’, Vishal’s ‘Ziddi Dil’ and Debutant Priyanka’s ‘Chaoro’ every track is backed by strong and nicely penned lyrics and good music.

It is good to add ‘Mary Kom’ in your music collection.

Mary Kom JukeBox

Enjoy the jukebox here :

Take Aways

  • Chaoro
  • Adhure
  • Teri Baari
  • Sukoon Mila

Mary Kom Soundtrack Details and Music Ratings :

Track NumberTitleRatingSingersMusicLyricsDuration
1"Ziddi Dil"4Vishal DadlaniShashi-ShivammPrashant Ingole and Sandeep Singh4:46
2"Sukoon Mila"4Arijit SinghShashi-ShivammPrashant Ingole and Sandeep Singh4:00
3"Adhure"5Sunidhi ChauhanShashi-ShivammPrashant Ingole and Sandeep Singh3:49
4"Teri Baari"4Mohit ChauhanShashi-ShivammPrashant Ingole and Sandeep Singh3:47
5"Saudebaazi"3Arijit SinghShashi-ShivammPrashant Ingole and Sandeep Singh3:27
6"Salaam India"4Vishal Dadlani, Salim MerchantShashi-ShivammPrashant Ingole and Sandeep Singh4:06
7"Chaoro (Lori)"5Priyanka ChopraShashi-ShivammPrashant Ingole and Sandeep Singh3:25

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