Yes you heard it right!!

Manjhi- The Mountain Man, featuring Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Radhika Apte which was set to release on 21 August 2015 has been leaked online!

Manjhi Leaked Online!!!!
A Still from leaked Manjhi

Just 20 days before the release of the much awaited movie, the censor copy of Manjhi leaked online on Monday on a particular sharing platform. Manjhi is the fourth movie this year to be leaked online. Earlier we have seen Salman Khan’s Bajrangi Bhajrangi, Kamal Hasan’s Papanasam and Malayalam Blockbuster Premam  leaked online before their respective release dates.

Manjhi – The Mountain Man is based on the true story of Dasharath Manjhi, a resident of Gehlaur village in Atri block of Gaya district in Bihar.

Dasharath Manjhi had, single-handedly, cut through a hill to make a road for his village. Working day and night, Manjhi had carved out a passage with a hammer and a chisel. Manjhi had taken up the uphill task after his wife was injured and he had to take a long detour around the hills to reach the nearest hospital.

We just hope this doesn’t ruin the business of Manjhi when it releases!