Mahesh Bhatt
Mahesh Bhatt

Mahesh Bhatt lodged police complaint for fake FB profile. The director’s fake Facebook profile has misled many commoners in believing that they will be launched by Mahesh. An aspiring actor from Kolkata named Rishim Banerjee even packed his bags and was ready to leave to Mumbai. Rishim claims that “Mahesh Bhatt” communicated with him through FB and promised to launch him in Bollywood. Rishim phoned Mahesh before leaving to Mumbai and that’s when he came to know about the fake FB profile created in his name. A Kolkata based journalist, who knows Mahesh Bhatt very well smelled foul play when he heard Rishim’s Bollywood launch and soon after he contacted to Mahesh to warn him about the fake profile.

Mahesh Bhatt lodged police complaint for fake FB Profile
Mahesh Bhatt tweets about the fake FB profile

Mahesh says he is only on Twitter and not on FB or any other social networking site and he never promised anyone a Bollywood launch through social media.  He says, “The journalist who knows I never use social networking sites like Facebook except for Twitter, quickly called to check with me and said the boy, Rishim Banerjee, has even packed his bags for his trip to Mumbai. I was shocked and instantly asked him to warn Rishim and meanwhile got in touch with commissioner Rakesh Maria’s office on Monday. His assistant put me in touch with an officer from the cyber crime cell. These people are playing with people’s aspirations and have to be caught.”

The Mumbai-commissioner also confirmed the case saying, “Yes, we are probing the matter.”

Director Mahesh Bhatt is very active on Twitter and many of the Bollywood biggies follow him. The actor has lodged the complaint in Mumbai and has urged people not to use his name. Bhatt said, “These are vulnerable young people from distant lands in the country whose desperate ambition to join the industry can make them easy prey for such frauds. I am doing my bit to prevent such pranks and fully trust the city police will perfectly probe the matter.”

We hope the case resolves soon and Cyber Police arrest the fraudster.