Lucifer Season 6: Netflix Release Date and Time, Episode Count and Titles
Lucifer Season 6

Hold on to your wings, Lucifer Season 6 is coming to Netflix this week. Here are all the crucial updates for you including the Netflix release date and time.

Lucifer ranks among Netflix’s most-watched shows around the globe. The fantasy drama series is returning for its sixth and final season this week. As the big premiere is around the corner, fans across the world are super excited to know more.

Developed by Tom Kapinos, Lucifer is based on the DC Comics character taken from the comic book series The Sandman, who later became the protagonist of a spin-off comic book series.

The first season consisting of 13 episodes aired on Fox from January 25, 2016, to April 25, 2016. Fox cancelled the series after three seasons; a month later, Netflix picked up the series for the fourth season. The show became an instant global hit. Netflix renewed the series for the fifth season of 16 episodes. Lately, the second part of Season 5 aired on Netflix on May 28, 2021. Since then, fans are eager to know everything about Lucifer Season 6. So, here is everything you need to know.

Lucifer Season 6 Release Date and Time

Originally, there was no plan for Season 6. After the release of Season 4, it was announced that Season 5 will be the show’s finale. Perhaps that was the reason why the season got split into two parts. However, the fans went anxious and started petitions that crossed over 100K signatures worldwide. Netflix and Warner Bros. agreed on producing a final season. In February 2020, an announcement confirmed the show’s renewal for its sixth season. A month later, Tom Ellis and all the other stars signed up for the season.

In late 2020, around October, the filming for Season 6 commenced. In April 2021, the filming wrapped up. Now the sixth and final season is all set to drop on Netflix. Lucifer Season 6 will land on Netflix on Friday, Sep 10, 2021. New shows and films usually drop on Netflix at midnight PST. So, Lucifer season 6 will drop at 12:01 am on Sep 10, 2021. 

New content is released worldwide at the same time. Here is when Lucifer season 6 will arrive in various time zones:

  • Central time: 2.01 am on Friday, Sep 10, 2021.
  • Eastern time: 3.01 am on Friday, Sep 10, 2021.
  • British time: 8.01 am on Friday, Sep 10, 2021.
  • Central European time: 9.01 am on Friday, Sep 10, 2021.
  • India time: 12:31 pm on Friday, Sep 10, 2021.
  • Australia time: 4:31 pm on Friday, Sep 10, 2021.

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Lucifer Season 6 Episode Count and Titles

It hasn’t been a long time since the reveal of Lucifer Season 6’s episodes. The season is confirmed to comprise 10 episodes in all. The first of which is named, “Nothing Ever Changes Around Here”. The first episode has Kevin Alejandro as its director and follows the script written by Mike Costa. The second episode, “Buckets of Baggage”, on the other hand, is directed by Richard Speight Jr. and written by Jen Graham Imada.

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Who all will be in the cast of Season 6?

Almost all our favourites will be back as they are the essence of the show. The primary cast and characters comprise:

  • Tom Ellis as Lucifer Morningstar and Michael Demiurgos
  • Lauren German as Chloe Decker
  • Kevin Alejandro as Daniel “Dan” Espinoza
  • D.B. Woodside as Amenadiel Firstborn
  • Lesley-Ann Brandt as Mazikeen “Maze Smith” of the Lilim
  • Scarlett Estevez as Beatrice “Trixie” Espinoza
  • Rachael Harris as Dr. Linda Martin 
  • Aimee Garcia as Ella Lopez
  • Inbar Lavi as Eve

Apart from them, we will be seeing several new faces. One of them is Brianna Hildebrand from the movie, ‘Deadpool’. She will be portraying Rory, Lucifer’s sister. Merin Dungey from ‘Alias’ will also have an appearance in Season 6. She will be playing Sonya, a uniform cop, and will form an unlikely bond with Amenadial. Also, Scott Potter from ‘Ginny and Georgia’ will be returning to play Detective Carol Corbet.

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What storyline will the season follow?

Season 5 of the series was quite explosive for all the Lucifer fans out there. Since its finale, there have been numerous theories and rumours circulating all over the internet. We know for sure that there will be a time leap after Season 5 and before Season 6. Chris Rafferty, the writer, has given a sneak peek at Season 6, in an interview. He teased, “There’s never been a transition of God’s power to a new God before. In the Season 5 finale, you see a lot of confusion amongst all the angels as to how exactly it all works – no one really knows. So our characters still have a few things to figure out, including getting to the truth of what it is they truly desire.”

Moreover, the executive producer and co-showrunner, Joe Henderson, has given an insight into what the season will be all about. He teased, “Bittersweet endings, tears and joy, and a fitting goodbye to the characters we love so much.”

Season 6 can follow any storyline as of now. One thing’s for sure, the season is going to be more dramatic and thrilling than ever.

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